Helping Your Child to Fight Phone Addiction

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Cell phones are becoming a necessity for people around the world. Everyone needs one! As parents, you must have provided your child with a cell phone – perhaps a smartphone.

You always want to be in touch with your child – that is why you buy them a smartphone. The problem arises when your child gets addicted to it. There is a constant digital distraction with heavy dependence on Social Media.

As parents, it gets difficult to convince your child to reduce the use of smartphones. Addiction happens when something begins to control your life and interferes with your daily activities, work, and studies. The only way out of this addiction is to focus on what really matters.

How do you help them fight this addiction? It’s difficult but not impossible. Try to give a positive influence on your child. It is the first step to fighting this addiction.

Here, we have put together a few helpful methods to help your child in fighting phone addiction. Read on:

  1. Effective Communication: There is no Science behind this; communicating openly with your child is the most effective method to help them. Encourage and make them understand that you have provided the device for their benefit. Help them to use it to their advantage, rather than misusing it for just entertainment.
  2. Change the Habits: This is a science-backed way to break phone addiction. You can urge your child to change their habit, rather than completely breaking the habit. You can help them in making little changes. For example, while your child is sitting on the couch, make sure that the phone is far away and a book replaces it. In this way, whenever your child wishes to check their phone, they will instead pick up their book.
  3. Turn That Phone Off: You can guide your child in completely turning their phone off while studying. It will help them concentrate better and won’t cause any distraction. This method can prove helpful for your child. If the phone stays turned off, there would be no temptation to look at it for any notification.
  4. Delete Unnecessary Apps: Social Media is a big reason behind this addiction. You should make your child understand that if they wish to improve on their academics, then they must remove all the unwanted apps causing distraction. It can include all Social Media apps, along with addictive games. You can perhaps encourage to use some must have study apps which can prove beneficial for them.
  5. Adapt And Adjust: It would be unfair to ask your child to stop using their phone completely. That would make them more anxious and thus result in a negative impact. Quitting the phone is not going to help. Therefore, there is a need to balance it out and adjust accordingly. Your child can always have some spare time to use their phone, which would keep their mind afresh.
  6. Keep a Check: It’s vital to keep a check on what your child is exploring on their smartphone. With everything easily available on the internet, your child can easily get distracted. Hence, it is your responsibility to restrict your child’s access to the internet so that they don’t end up visiting any website and watching videos which are not appropriate for them.

Besides these above points, as responsible parents, you also need to tackle your own smartphone dependency if that is what’s affecting your child! Be the change you want to see in your child. The first learning curve comes only from parents. You must also set an example for them.

This addiction can be fought successfully if you communicate well with your child and keep supporting them!

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