Technology Can Help Build a Child’s Concentration

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Technology Can Help Build a Child’s Concentration

Technology – this is what’s running the world. If not for technology, we would’ve had no idea where we might end up because we are so dependent on it. To put it simply – we can’t survive without technology today.

It’s a fact that technology is here to stay, but when it comes to technology aiding a student, it becomes a debatable topic, especially for parents. For parents, technology leads to inattentiveness because a child engrossed in their phone can’t concentrate on things said to them.
The question here is, does technology help build a child’s concentration? Let’s find out the answer. Keep reading further!

Facts about technology

A few reports suggest that attention spans of humans are decreasing. Some reports suggest that humans are more attentive than in previous years. The core reason behind this is the introduction of an ever-increasing digitised world.

A digitised world or a mobile revolution can only aid the students in this digital era to make them even more attentive. Both the teachers and parents can guide students in the right direction. These days, students prefer online learning as a medium and shy away from the old pen and paper route. In fact, that has yielded better results.

It has been seen, using technology to learn has generated far more interest in students compared to learning from a book or notes.

Advantages of technology

Parents often say that technology – in the form of mobiles, laptops, tabs, etc. distracts their child a lot. But they tend to not look at the positive side of it and ignore it without caring much. Let’s understand the advantages that technology offers us:

  • Access to up-to-date study material in the blink of an eye
  • Leverage of collaborating with students and teachers anywhere, anytime
  • The option of attempting online mock tests
  • Learning relevant content at the ease of your home
  • Helps in gaining knowledge of new things

These are some of the major advantages that technology offers, and there are many others as well. For example, when your child is focused on attempting a mock test online, their concentration level is bound to increase because it captures all their attention.

Learning through mobile apps


Parents think that mobile phones are all about gaming and entertainment purposes. There are hundreds of apps available online on platforms like Android and iOS, that help their child to learn and learn effectively. Additionally, there are countless videos available online that are really helpful for learning.

E-learning content is the thing of today. E-learning is available for all major subjects. Developers make these apps so intuitive and engaging that it helps in increasing the student’s concentration.
In a country like India, where the population is huge, and resources are limited, E-learning is the way for the future through which students with no access to schools or libraries can also educate themselves.

There are apps like myPAT, which is a one-stop learning solution for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, KVPY, NTSE & Board Exams. It identifies & tracks improvement areas that help students learn at better and be 100% prepared for all upcoming examinations.


Technology is a boon if used in the right way. Parents should motivate their children to use technology in the right way. Technology surely does help in building one’s concentration. Online platforms and apps which help you learn at the ease of your home are the biggest examples of technology made in the right manner.


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