Helping Your Child To Stay Motivated

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Dear parents, your child is the most crucial person in your life. Your primary motive is to keep them happy and motivated in their course of life. When it comes to studies, every child is different in the way they perform.

As parents, you expect your child to be good at academics. This expectation sometimes also leads to a bit of unwanted pressure on your child, which leads to poor or average performances. It’s obvious to expect good grades from your child, but the expectations need to be realistic.

These days, the competition is immense, and every student must be at their best to keep up with it. In this race, your child can tend to fall short of expectations. They might not be able to cope up with the pressure of performing consistently and therefore become demoralized.

In this situation, your role as parents becomes even more critical. This is the time when you need to motivate them and keep their morale up. It’s vital to do this also if they aren’t performing well at academics so that they know you have their support.

We have listed a few handy tips to help you in keeping your child motivated. Read on:

  1. Encourage Open Communication: Communication solves the biggest of problems! Here it’s just an interaction with your child. Allow your child to express themselves and share their problems. Let them know that there’s a scope of improvement and they can always catch up.
  2. Appreciate Them: The best way to motivate your child is by appreciating them for their efforts. Reward them by cooking their favourite food or gift them something as a surprise. This would lead to positivity and help in boosting their morale. You can be the best motivators for your child.
  3. Introduce New Learning Styles: Poor performances might hamper your child’s confidence. You have to help them and show the right path. Teach them never to give up, keep trying, and engage in productive study. Push them to incorporate new learning methods – like online learning and taking free tests which can help in improving upon their weaknesses.
  4. Extra-Curricular Activities: Encourage your child to be proactive and indulge in various activities. Let him play indoor games and outdoor sports. There should be a dedicated time when your child should spend playing or doing some recreational activities. This will boost their morale and help them cope well with average performances in academics.
  5. Show Enthusiasm: Show regular interest in your child’s academics. Ask them about their tests and assignments, how they performed, and how they wish to improve. Your child will feel important if you show constant interest in their academic progress. It will also enhance their chances of working on their weaknesses.

Keeping good morale and staying motivated is necessary for a child’s academic growth. Therefore, it’s essential for you as parents to help them stay motivated.

Always show your support for them, even if they are not performing well. Everyone gets better with time, so will your child. Keep them happy!

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