Crack BITSAT 2021 with These 5 Preparation Tips

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Crack BITSAT 2020 with These 5 Tips

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test, popularly known as BITSAT 2021, is an all-important exam for Engineering aspirants. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani is one of the best private engineering institutes in India.

We all know that BITSAT 2021 has been postponed amid the surge in COVID-19 cases. BITS is yet to announce the new dates for the exam. It was supposed to be held in the 1st week of August but got further postponed.

However, your preparation should never get postponed no matter what! We’re hopeful that the dates will be announced soon and you should be exam-ready before the exams come knocking!

We’ve shortlisted five awesome tips that will help you in cracking BITSAT 2021 and having a shot at one of the best Engineering colleges in India:

  1. Stick to a plan

    You must have a sturdy plan when it comes to BITSAT 2021 preparation. It helps in avoiding last-minute panic and helps in developing a good perspective for the exam. Apart from this, sticking to a proper study plan helps in time management as well.

  2. Practice makes you perfect

    There’s nothing in life that you can’t achieve with regular practice. BITSAT preparation requires the same – constant and regular practice. It will help in improving your question-solving speed and overall speed for completing the exam in time.

  3. Revise wisely

    Proper revision is one aspect that sets toppers apart from average scorers. You will always find toppers on the top of their game when it comes to revision. Revise each topic as and when you finish studying for it. This way, you’ll be able to retain it for longer periods.

  4. Solving mock tests

    Mock tests help you in checking your prep level and ironing out your weaknesses. The tests help you get the feel of the exam, before the actual exam. Solving multiple mock tests will improve your speed as well as get used to the exam environment.

  5. Registering for the online test series

    For practicing, you need the right environment, that you get through myPAT’s BITSAT 2021 Premium course, which is tailor-made for boosting your preparation and ensuring that you knock it out of the park.

Apart from these tips, you must also know some subject-wise tips that can be handy in your preparation. Check them out below:


  • NCERT should be your bible. Study it in and out. Make sure your fundamentals are clear.
  • Practice solving numerical problems in less time as speed is very important in BITSAT.
  • Mechanics and Thermodynamics are the most important topics. So, make sure you study them thoroughly.
  • Learn the formulas well. They should be at your fingertips. Keep revising them until the last moment. The direct application of formulas can solve many questions.
  • While solving questions in Physics, emphasise on dimensional analysis.


  • NCERT is extremely important for BITSAT chemistry. Don’t leave out any topic in NCERT. Questions are often asked from those small sections that students often tend to overlook.
  • Chemistry section is highly theoretical. Also, it is considered easier than Math and Physics. Read the theory part well.
  • Inorganic Chemistry is tough when compared to Organic and Physical Chemistry. You may study from OP Tandon for Inorganic.
  • Questions in Physical Chemistry are also of the textbook level. Study from NCERT books.
  • Memorize reactions – the important reactions should be at your tongue tip.


  • Study Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, and Complex Number very diligently. These are some of the most important topics.
  • Students often tend to forget formulas in Trigonometry and Cartesian Geometry. Study them well. Their formulas may come handy even in direct formula application questions.
  • While solving previous year papers, try using trial and error as well as substitution methods to solve questions where you’re stuck.

All in all, it can be figured out that BITSAT preparation requires meticulous planning and a lot of hard work. If you can combine them both, nothing can stop you from cracking BITSAT 2021. All the best!

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