BITSAT Sample Papers: Are They Really Important?

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BITSAT Sample Papers: Are They Really Important?

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science is one of the premier institutes in India for undergraduate engineering programmes having national campuses in Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad. The admission of a candidate to any one of these campuses is determined by a Computer Based Test-BITSAT.

About 2 Lakh students take the BITSAT every year competing for 2000 seats. Therefore, to build the right kind of exam temperament and readiness, the exhaustive practice of mock tests and BITSAT sample papers is required by a student to make it to the cream of the candidates selected.

BITSAT sample papers are available both online and offline. Practicing sample papers as much as possible helps a candidate strengthen his conceptual knowledge and also helps in building speed and accuracy.

Initially, solving sample papers might look like a tough exercise. But, the more a candidate is into it, he would realize how much can be learned from his own mistakes and re-attempts.

A candidate might be very strong conceptually and be accurate at attempting questions, but he may not be good enough to manage his time. Attempting any single question can be done to understand the logic behind it, apart from getting the answer right.

Practice in Real Test Environment

When a candidate is supposed to solve 150 questions + 12 bonus questions, all to be addressed within a time span of 180 minutes, there is a huge scope of making silly mistakes. BITSAT being an online Computer Based Test, not at all in pen and paper, requires a candidate to adapt to the real exam environment as much as possible.

By practicing in a simulation that resembles the actual BITSAT examination, a candidate makes himself familiar and comfortable. Attempting tests in such a simulation makes a candidate identify inefficiencies and deal with pressure, which can get really overwhelming at times.

Understand the BITSAT Exam Pattern

Apart from this, a candidate also gets a practical understanding of the BITSAT exam pattern and the type of questions that are asked across various concepts. While JEE might require candidates to delve deep to solve a question, BITSAT consists of shorter concept-based questions, which are also tricky.

In Sample tests, questions are selected from a large question bank, with everyone getting a different paper. There is scope for repetition of questions or even the appearance of straightforward questions that can be cracked by the direct application of a formula. However, the repeated practice would only help retain information better.

Know Your Mistakes

Analyze the mistakes you make in your BITSAT sample tests whether they are fundamental, conceptual, or careless ones. Try to assess your thinking approach to various kinds of questions and to overcome the scope of committing such errors, the next time you attempt a sample paper.

Overall, plan your practice schedule well, increase the frequency of taking mock tests and BITSAT sample tests towards the exam. This will help identify your key areas that need better focus and preparation.

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