The Secret Sauce for BITSAT Success

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Secret ingredients are the most significant ones! The ones that bring out the whole difference! When mixed with the original exam preparation recipe, produce mouth-watering results too. Cracking BITSAT is one such clever deal.

Often appears a hard nut to crack, BITSAT is a sure shot success mission if you smartly mix all the sauces! The ones who hit it off did not have an IQ of 160. It is more about exam-readiness which can be perfected only by getting acquainted and used to the exam pattern and style.

Though BITSAT is quite different from other engineering entrance examinations in terms of exam pattern, style, questions and number of sections. The good part is, that these differences can be efficiently exploited to our own advantage. And that is what we call..


We have collated a list of important factors which (if worked upon cleverly) can easily make you the master of the art of cracking BITSAT!

Selectively chosen Syllabus as Well as Scoring Sections
  • BITSAT syllabus is slightly lesser and different as compared to JEE. Check out for the official syllabus on BITS brochure, available online.
  • BITSAT puts a prime focus on the deep study of NCERT textbooks for the clearance of concepts. Study it thoroughly and learn all the formulas and reactions by heart.
  • English proficiency and logical reasoning sections need fewer investments and generate more returns. 75 marks, in total, can be scored in these sections. It is relatively easy to prepare too. Comes straight in your bag as bonus brownie points!
Hit the ‘speed’ wagon with the ‘accuracy’ shot of bull’s eye
  • Out of both, accuracy is more important than speed. Once you master the accuracy levels, then concentrate on improving the speed.
  • Analyse your mock test results carefully and what exactly went wrong with the incorrect answers. This will help you in improving tremendously.
  • Also, make speed a habit in the preparation phase itself. Gradually, you will notice that there is a considerable improvement in both your speed and accuracy while solving questions.
The solution to “Bonus question” hack
  • There are 12 bonus questions adding to the original count of 150. The catch is, to attempt the bonus ones, you need to submit the original 150 first and those can’t be visited back. So, move over to the bonus questions only when you are fully satisfied with the original ones.
  • The bonus questions have 1 negative point for each wrong answer and 3 positive points for the correct one. So, even if you get only 5 correct out of 15, you are entitled to 15 marks for right answers and -10 for wrong. That gives you +5 in total. There is nothing much to lose here!

Statutory warning: Don’t proceed with bonus questions if you have less than 20 minutes left!

The road to success may not be easy to traverse but overcoming the hurdles using some smart hacks would definitely create some worth telling success stories. Good luck with creating yours!

Download here: The ultimate guide to BITSAT 2018 success

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