How to Score More than 100% in BITSAT 2021?

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How to Score More than 100% in BITSAT?

Did you know?

You can score more than 100% in BITSAT 2021! (486/450 to be precise)

So next time when it is about having high aspirations, shock your parents with more marks than they can ever expect in BITSAT 2021.

BITS institute is the best private engineering college in the country and is now one of the six Indian “Institutes of Eminence” too. Apart from this, BITS has lots to boast about: be it about having an international campus in Dubai, no minimum attendance % policy, or the world-class facilities and infrastructure.

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Cracking BITSAT is easier than cracking JEE. While JEE tests the deeper understanding of concepts, BITSAT questions are short but tricky. It requires you to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes which calls for the dire need for speed and accuracy.

Along with PCM, BITSAT has an English & LR section too, accounting for 1/6th of the total marks. If you prepare for this section a bit sincerely, it actually is a game-changer and can fetch you more marks.

The story does not end here! BITSAT has 12 extra questions which entitle you to the tag of “The one who scored more than 100%”.

Here, we shed some more light on these bonus questions which can change your destiny:

  • The 12 questions comprise 4 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, and Math. The marking scheme is the same, +3 for the correct answer and -1 for the incorrect answer.
  • You are not given any extra time to attempt these questions.
  • You must answer all the 150 questions (without skipping any of them) in the main section to be eligible to attempt the 12 extra questions.
  • Once you have entered this section, you cannot go back to or change your answers in the 150 questions section.
  • Consider attempting the extra questions only if you have at least 20 minutes left.
  • If your target is Computer Science in BITS Pilani, the cut-off is approximately 380. Doing the math, you must be sure of at least 135/150 correct answers to take a safety risk with the extra questions section.
  • It is a general belief that the extra questions are of JEE Advanced level. But candidates who have attempted it claimed that they are only slightly tougher than the first section.

So, here’s the catch – don’t rush through the entire paper to attempt the extra questions. You’ll end up ruining the whole paper. Take your time and calmly finish the first section. If you have sufficient time left, only then go for the next section.

What did Previous years’ Toppers say about scoring in BITSAT?

We talked to various BITS Alumni about how was their BITSAT experience and what do they suggest for future BITS aspirants and this is what they said:

  • The Bonus questions are a tricky trade-off. They are only accessible when all the other 150 questions have been attempted. However, they can add an additional 36 marks (over 12 questions) to the score of the candidate. As a matter of trend, the bonus questions usually turn out to be easier than the rest.
  • Do not put in more than 1 minute for questions that need calculations. If you know that most of the questions you have answered are correct and less than 12-15 questions are left, you can try guessing those. This way you can move to the bonus questions and score more marks in the remaining time.
  • Solve plenty of mock tests & previous year papers. Cracking BITSAT is not rocket science! BITSAT is more about exam-readiness which can be perfected only by getting acquainted and used to the exam pattern and style. Taking online mock tests and solving previous year’s papers will help you exactly analyze what you can expect in the actual exam.

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