Tips to Crack BITSAT – By Previous Year Toppers

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Tips to Crack BITSAT – By Previous Year Toppers

BITSAT is one of the prestigious engineering entrance exams for taking admissions in the best private engineering college in India – BITS. And when such an important life decision is to be made, who doesn’t want to learn from toppers itself?
We know what you need and that’s why we baited some previous year toppers’ with a pizza and made them share their success mantra.

BITSAT Topper’s Preparation Tips

Samanvay Lamba

BITSAT 2017  

Score: 442  

Computer Science

BITS, Pilani


  • To score more, save 20 minutes for bonus questions.
  • I suggest you can take a blind guess for up to 10 questions, if required, to complete 150 questions. Move on to extra questions only if you have at least 15 minutes.
  • Give around 2-3 hours to English and LR, a day or two before the exam (just do mock questions). This way you will get familiar with the type of questions being asked in the exam.


  • I believe that if you are sure about getting a good rank in JEE, don’t schedule your BITSAT before Advanced.


Sarthak Nandan

BITSAT 2015  

Score: 408  

Computer Science  

BITS, Pilani

 BITSAT Questions are very well curated in terms of their number and type. Focus on getting the attempted answers correct and that can be achieved by practicing Aptitude based questions more than focusing on the theory. It helps to develop a reliable problem-solving approach. All the sections carry different weightage and can be practiced by grasping the NCERT concepts.

  • NCERT for the Physics & Chemistry
  • Mental Math training for the Maths section
  • GRE Preparation Modules for the English Questions
  • NTSE level Logical Reasoning questions
  • General tips for BITSAT Preparation

Proper time management throughout the course of the exam is very important owing to the large no. of questions. This could be practiced by regularly testing oneself by taking online mock tests.

The questions in BITSAT intend to test the strength of the basics of the candidate. Follow the below points:

  • Maths NCERT Book provides ample no. of questions. Hence, solve it fully, at least once.
  • The questions in the Physics Book may be skipped only if they are compensated by solving the HOTS High Order Thinking Skills) and Numerical Questions from ‘Concepts of Physics’, by H.C. Verma.
  • Chemistry NCERT is a must-read, even for JEE, as it stands very exhaustive and extensive, covering each and every concept, with proper explanations. Specifically, for Organic Chemistry, a thorough go-through of the Chemistry Laboratory Manual for classes XI & XII is necessary because some outdated practical reactions are still asked in the exam, although eliminated from the theory.

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The English & Logical Reasoning section is usually seen as a backup to compensate for the technical sections. It should rather be observed as a strength because this is what might give you the edge over others, where most of the candidates had been preparing more for the technical sections.

Bonus Questions are a tricky trade-off. They are only accessible when all the other 150 questions have been attempted. However, they can add an additional 36 marks (over 12 questions) to the score of the candidate. As a matter of trend, the bonus questions usually turn out to be easier than the rest. The foundation, the practice, and the accuracy training will provide you the edge. Best of Luck!


Sai Manoj

BITSAT 2014  

Score: 422  

Computer Science

BITS, Pilani

  • BITSAT is a hybrid of JEE Main and EAMCET (Andhra Pradesh).
  • Speed is very important while solving the questions and without making any silly mistakes.
  • Also, all the formulas and shortcuts need to be remembered as these cannot be derived during the exam.
  • Do not waste more than 30 seconds on a theory question. If you don’t know the theory, you cannot answer it, so wasting time on that is completely useless.
  • Do not put in more than 1 minute for questions that need calculations. If you know that most of the questions you have answered are correct and less than 12-15 questions are left, you can try guessing those. This way you can move to the bonus questions and score more marks in the remaining time.

This is what I did, I guessed 15 questions and then answered the extra questions.

Mayur Saxena

BITSAT 2011  

Score: 328  

Computer Science   

BITS, Pilani

  • Maintain speed and accuracy

Speed and accuracy are very important for BITSAT and for the same reason, you must make speed a habit in the preparation phase itself. Time yourself and practice every day. Gradually you will notice an improvement in both your speed as well as the accuracy of solving questions.

  • NCERT is the first and foremost step

For cracking BITSAT, NCERT should be your bible for all three subjects (PCM). Go through all the formulas and reactions, they should be at your fingertips. More than half of the paper is formula-based. So, a good grasp of these is very helpful in the exam.

  • Solve plenty of mock test & previous year papers

Cracking BITSAT is not rocket science! Similarly, the ones who actually do it need not have an IQ of 160. BITSAT is more about exam-readiness which can be perfected only by getting acquainted and used to the exam pattern and style. Taking online mock tests and solving previous year’s papers will help you exactly analyze what you can expect in the actual exam.

  • Do not ignore English and LR section

You’ll be surprised to see how incredibly you can be benefited from this section if you allot a good time to its preparation. It contains 75 marks! You can easily bag 1/6th of the total score simply by going through some basic grammar rules and LR practice. Give this section its due credit.

  • Be online exam ready

Students are accustomed to the pen and paper mode of examination in schools. Since most of the competitive exams are also held offline, candidates hardly get any experience of online tests. To align with the online mode of exam, you are required to solve loads of online mock papers in a simulated test environment

Now that the toppers themselves have given out their secrets, what are you waiting upon? Brace yourselves up to crack BITSAT and next year, you might be the one giving out your success mantra!

Good luck

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