Preparing for Boards during the last days: Physics

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Physics is one of the most important subjects for science students. The subject is highly important for all the students as its score is considered in all admissions. Physics is quite scoring as compared to other subjects and the questions are very simple and direct in comparison to the competitive exams.

Physics subject needs thorough preparation and continual practice throughout the year. But, the last few days are very important and can help the students who are struggling to secure passing marks. From a good student’s perspective, revising all the concepts is important so as to ensure a good strategy for attempting the exam and scoring best to the capabilities. It is very important to realise that you cannot master concepts in a few days. On the other hand, minor mistakes or being unaware of the pattern can cost you marks despite having good concepts. Thus, it is important to study from Board exams oriented point of view. Here are a few tips on how to maximise the effectiveness of your preparation in the last few days.

  1. Identify the key topics: Since the board exam is highly predictable and has a set pattern, the student needs to identify the key topics. Few of these easy scoring topics are:
  • Derivations from electro stats, current electricity, magnetism etc.
  • Young’s double slit experiment
  • Van de Graaff generator, cyclotron etc. for HOTS question
  • Usage and application of semiconductors
  • Numerical based on resistance calculation for easy questions

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  1. Check model answers: Model test papers are very important as their answers cover all the key touchpoints for students to maximise their scores. In fact, it is important to understand how to answer the questions with maximum possible details and explanation in order to not lose marks.

All the good publishers or online websites provide such answers for students.

  1. Previous year papers and model tests: Well, model tests and previous year test papers are very important for any exam. However, as board exams are simpler and predictable, model papers and previous year exams simplify the revision by a huge margin.

While previous papers and the questions asked in previous years help the student understand the types of questions, model test papers are the closest to actual exam pattern. It is very important to consult both in order to identify the topics which can fetch easy marks.

  1. Studying at the right time: It is very important to train your brain to perform at some specific time of the day. Students studying during the night and sleeping during the afternoon would find it tough to think and perform during the afternoon when the actual board exam is held. Thus, it is advisable to maintain a healthy sleep and learn to perform during the 9 AM -12 noon.
  2. Board guidelines and exam pattern: The communication issued by the board and other bodies conducting the exam is important for the student to do best in preparation.

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