3 Engineering Careers for a Bright Future

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As we know it, the world is changing at a fast pace. The volatility of markets, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and inward-looking economic policies have created a bottleneck in the job market.

The Present Scenario

Yes, it is true that the current job market is going to change and with the advent of AI, a lot of jobs are going to become redundant. This change doesn’t necessarily mean that job creation will reduce, it is just that the nature of jobs will change.

What does the future hold?

Charles Darwin’s theory states that ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’. The same holds true if one has to adapt to the changing dynamics of the current job market.

Opportunities Beckon

Engineering is not just about having IT Desk jobs. The scope of opportunities provided by the engineering field of study is immense and diverse. Here are some trending engineering jobs that give one a chance to have a bright future:

Software Engineering

Of late, it has been the general consensus that AI will impact and automate the software engineering industry. Though the statement is not entirely untrue, there is still a great future ahead in this industry.

In India, software engineering still provides a very promising career as AI is yet to make a long-lasting mark in the country. Moreover, if one adapts to the changes in the industry, more the chance of a prospering career.

Oil and Gas Engineering

This industry is labour intensive and the demand for fossil fuel is not something that is going to die anytime soon.

There haven’t been many drastic changes in the industry, besides the involvement of advanced machinery. To operate such machines, require skills and data crunching and hence the demand for skilled engineers.

Aerospace Engineering

This is one of the most booming industries in the country. India just inaugurated its 100th Airport in Sikkim very recently and this goes on to show the growing demand of the aviation industry. In this industry, the sky is actually the limit.

There is a huge demand in this industry for skilled employees as not only new airports are cropping up but also the number of fleets have been increasing as well. Skilled engineers are required not only to maintain an aircraft but also revolutionize flying, making fleets durable and efficient.


There are 3 steps that one must follow to earn themselves their dream jobs:

  • Choose science in senior secondary studies.
  • Take engineering entrance examinations like JEE, BITSAT etc.
  • Take admissions in top engineering colleges in India and choose a related stream.

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