A New myPAT Dashboard for Dashing Exam Performance

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A New myPAT Dashboard for Dashing Exam Performance

We have grown exponentially in the past year, not just gaining 700,000+ invaluable exam aspirants but constantly innovating our platform to give unmatched user experience. Keeping the trend of innovation alive, we have revamped our dashboard to give you the ultimate online test experience.

Why a new Dashboard?

Digitalization of our education system and changes in the pattern of exams like JEE Main and Advanced bring about the need to revise the ways of learning. To help you get accustomed to the changing dynamics of competitive exams and prepare accordingly, we have come up with an all-new dashboard.

Now you can get an enhanced learning experience with the new dashboard.

What’s new?

The all-new Dashboard is smart, adaptive and more personalised than ever. With a host of new features, performance tracking and online testing experience have become seamless. Let us unravel these features to help you understand the dashboard better:

Multiple Customised Dashboards

Upon logging in, you’ll notice that you can create multiple dashboards and customize each one with data that’s most relevant for you.

We don’t want you to lose track of your goal with too much information in one window. Hence, multiple dashboards with personalised information.

You can create a dashboard for one or more goals (target exams) with multiple performance matrices. Similarly, you can create multiple dashboards with multiple goals (target exams).

Greetings and Goal Time Ticker

Once you select a target exam, you will be greeted by a welcome card which is just below the goal tracking panel. The welcome card will give you an overview of your performance, your current and ideal progress.

On the right of the greeting card, you will find the Time Ticker card. This card is a ticking clock, a countdown to your big day (examination day). This feature will keep reminding you of your final goal and plan studies accordingly.

Add Cards Feature

This new feature will help you compare your performances based on various metrics. To unlock and add these cards to the dashboard, you must take a minimum number of tests. These cards are divided into 2 types: Goal Oriented Cards and Other Cards.

  • Goal Tracking Cards: These cards are directly related to the goal (Target Exam: JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, KVPY or NTSE) that you have selected. Each card will compare your performance under different metrics. Let’s explore the cards:
  1. Activity Card: This card gives a visual representation of your performance (Speed and Accuracy). A visual representation will help you gauge your overall performance in various tests for your desired goal against the class topper or class average at a glimpse. What else? You can also select subject-wise tests taken and time taken for these tests for an accurate visual representation.
  2. Past Test/Assignment Card: Under this card, you can view your past tests or assigned tests and their summary. You can further explore the card to view the detailed result of past tests.
  3. Syllabus Progress Card: Each exam consists of different subjects; each subject has different chapters and each chapter has different concepts. Under the ‘Syllabus Progress’ card, you can view the entire concepts of the target exam and the number of concepts you’ve practised. This card also features the number of your strong and weak concepts.
  • Other Cards: More the data and information, better the analysis of performance and improvement in scores. Now there are more cards for you to explore. Here are some cards to add and enhance your learning experience: 

Analytics Driven Cards

  1. Concept Explorer: This card is very crucial for you to prepare for upcoming competitive exams. It will give an in-depth visual analysis of your performance in each subject, which is further classified into topics followed by chapters, concepts and lastly how many questions were correctly attempted or were not attempted/incorrectly attempted. You can refer the gif below for more clarity:
  2. Achievement Index: The percentage reflected in the card is calculated based on test scores in various tests/goals that you have subscribed for. A score of 90-100% is termed as a great score, a score of 70-80% is average and a score of 0-60% will reflect that you need improvement.
  3. Improvement Index: This card indicates the improvement in your performance compared to the previously attempted tests.
  4. Sincerity Index: This card is a reflection of your frequency of practice. The percentage score in the card states the number of questions you attempted when compared to the questions that were not attempted.

Actionable Card

  1. Upcoming Tests Card: With this card, you will always have your next target in sight. Now keeping a track of your upcoming tests is as easy as taking a glimpse. Most students miss out on important tests and that, in turn, hampers their deadlines for achieving their final goal. A visual representation of the upcoming tests will help you attempt important tests and assignments on time and make scheduled progress towards the goal.

Social Cards 

  1. Referral Card: What’s better than to earn while you learn! Now you can refer your friends to myPAT and for each successful referral, you earn Rs 500 Paytm cash. How? Click on ‘View Detail’ link on the card, copy your referral link and share with friends. You can also directly share the link via Facebook and LinkedIn. Once your friend uses the referral link to register, he/she will receive a discount of Rs 500 on all myPAT courses. After the friend purchases a course, you will receive Rs 500 in your Paytm wallet.
  1. My Profile Card: To give you personalised feedback and an overview of your profile on myPAT, we have come up with a ‘My Profile’ Card. In this card, you can view your Name, Class, Goal Selected, Overall percentile score and overall skills. The overall skills section is measured on your understanding of concepts, analytical skills and creativity.
  2. Social Feed Card: myPAT is not just about tests and analytics. The largest exam-specific, super active community is now at your fingertips. myPAT Community contains teachers, IITians, ex-toppers, experts and thousands of aspirants just like you, from all over India. Doubt resolution has never been this efficient and quick. With the social feed card, you can view any activity on the questions posted or answered, the activities of your followers and friends, all at one place. 

The cards (except Greetings and Time Ticker) have the facility of ‘drag and drop’. Now you can not only add and delete cards but also customize your dashboard feed by dragging and dropping the cards based on your preferences.

Here is a gif to give you an idea of the all-new dashboard:


With the launch of this highly personalised student dashboard, we aim to make learning extremely performance-oriented, optimised to improve your test scores by giving you a world-class personalised learning experience.

Now go explore the all-new dashboard and come back to the blog in case of any query.

Happy Practicing!

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