Dropping a Year for IITJEE – Opportunities & Challenges

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Dropping a Year for IITJEE – Opportunities & Challenges

“Shall I or shall I not?” It is a dilemma faced by at least 70% of engineering aspirants every year. It is only then they realise that there are questions in life whose solutions are tougher than the toughest of the physics numerical.

If you, my friend, are planning to drop a year for JEE, we applause you for daring to give your dreams another chance. If anytime you get second thoughts, just remember, you’re investing one year of your time on your knowledge, capabilities and polishing your ability to deal with difficult situations in life. Such experiences are a lot bigger than a year of your life. And anyway, at the age of 17-18, investing one year of your life to chase your dream college is definitely worth it, isn’t it?

Well, now that you have made your decision, we want you to make the best out of this opportunity. Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind throughout your drop phase:

  1. Improve Upon Your Mistakes

Analyse yourself, assess your mistakes, think about the factors due to which you didn’t make it through this year. Take measures to correct them. You have got a second chance, you don’t want to repeat your errors. What is the one thing that you missed last time? Was it a lack of disciplined routine? Was it because you could not manage Boards and JEE Main preparation together? Was it due to a personal problem or health issue? Think about what went wrong and make sure you don’t repeat them this time.

  1. Clock is Ticking

In the initial few months, you will tend to relax, thinking you have another 9 months to go for the JEE. You may also feel that you are already good at a certain portion of your syllabus and will do the remaining ones later. But remember, time is slipping. You get lenient with your preparation for some time and you will realise you have lost a significant fraction of your crucial time. Hence, remain active, don’t take time for granted.

  1. Prepare a Schedule

Since you took a drop, you have an advantage over others – unlike them, you don’t have to prepare for 12th boards. What you can do instead is, utilise this precious time to study class 11th syllabus. About 40% questions in JEE are from 11th. Make sure you gain an edge over your competitors in these questions. Divide your time between 11th and 12th syllabus, prepare a schedule and follow it religiously.

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  1. Practice is the Key

Start from the scratch. Focus on clearing the fundamentals. Read every chapter, every topic, every line – including the ones you skipped last time. Practice more – solve exercise and reference book questions, take mock tests, attempt previous year papers. The more you practice, the more confident you will be about your preparation.

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  1. Stay Motivated

Dropping a year is a bold move. You must make up your mind about the performance pressure you’ll be dealing with every day. But, instead of succumbing to the pressure, use it to your advantage to put in more efforts to your preparation.

Dropping a year gives you a wonderful opportunity to challenge yourself and maximise your potential to bring out the best in you. Good luck!

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