What are the Important Topics for BITSAT 2020?

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What are the Important Topics for BITSAT 2019?

The syllabus for competitive exams like BITSAT, can look overwhelming sometimes, considering how voluminous and extensive, it is. In such a scenario, it becomes extremely important to prioritize and study the topics that are important and have high weightage in BITSAT.

While there is stiff competition to face in course of giving the BITSAT and making it to the BITS Pilani campus, cracking the same cannot be considered impossible.

Here is a section-wise breakup of important topics that a candidate must refer to while studying for BITSAT:


Some of the important topics that are asked from this section are:

WeightageImportant Topics

Alternating Current

Units, Dimensions and Errors


Ray Topics

Work, Power and Energy

5-6%Wave Optics


Current Electricity

Wave Motion


Simple Harmonic Motion

Rotational motion

10%Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism

Heat and Thermodynamics


The important topics that a student should focus on for this section are:

WeightageImportant Topics

Chemical Kinetics

Ionic Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium

Solid State

S-block elements

Ionic equilibrium



Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes

Atomic Structure

p-Block elements


Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives and Mole concepts

Chemical Thermodynamics


Chemical Bonding

Organic Chemistry


Some of the important topics that a student should refer to for the Maths section are:

WeightageImportant Topics

Matrices and Determinants


Application of Derivatives

Complex Numbers

Differential Equations

Properties of Triangles

Sets, Relation and Functions

Complex Numbers

Binomial Theorem

Theory of Equation



Continuity and Differentiability

Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines




English Proficiency:

Study the following topics to do well in the English Proficiency section

WeightageImportant Topics




Rules of Conjunctions


One Word Substitution

Rearrangement of Jumbled Words

Sentence Completion

30%Synonyms and Antonyms

Logical Reasoning:

The Important topics that could be asked in BITSAT from the Logical Reasoning section are:

WeightageImportant Topics
5-7%Detection of the rule

Paper folding and cutting

Figure Completion Test

10-20%Logical Deduction

Series Test Numerical and Alphabetical

Analogy Test

40%Figure Matrix, Figure Formation and Analysis


Since the above-mentioned topics are important and carry maximum weightage for BITSAT, ensure you follow the below-mentioned steps to improve your understanding on the same.

  • Practice questions from these topics on a regular basis. Invest time in studying concepts in detail and knowing about them.
  • Give BITSAT mock tests focusing on these topics to evaluate your performance and improve your weak areas.
  • Keep revising these topics on a frequent basis to improve your retention capacity.
Best Books For BITSAT Preparation

Additionally, you can give a free BITSAT test on myPAT in the real test environment to know where you stand. The free test would give you a detailed analysis of your performance with insights that can be worked upon. Once you know your current level of preparation, practice hard and prepare to boost your scores in BITSAT. Whether you study all by yourself, or choose to attend coaching, consistent practice is what will help you achieve a good score in BITSAT.


BITSAT 2019 is an engineering entrance exam held in online mode with a total of 150 questions from subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, English Proficiency, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning. All the questions are multiple choice based. There are no individual time limits for any section.

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