The Engineer Who didn’t go to IIT

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The Engineer Who didn’t go to IIT

Aditya, just like all of you, dreamed of one day studying at one of the prestigious IIT campuses. He toiled for 2 years at a stretch. Burning the midnight oil, he reduced his social interaction, kept to himself, and strictly followed the timetable he made for himself. Alas, despite all his efforts and hard work, he was unable to clear the JEE Main.

Now faced with one of the most important decisions of his life, he gave it some serious thought. What should he do? Should he just drop a year like his friend Nitesh? Should he enroll in a regular basic sciences course? Shaking his head, he knew that he really wanted to be an engineer.

For all you determined Adityas out there – read on; here are 5 ways to live your dream even if you didn’t make it to an IIT.

For all you passionate Niteshs – read this to make the most of a year-drop. Dropping a Year for IITJEE – Opportunities & Challenges

  1. It’s not the end of the world

Sure, not making it to an IIT, the college you dreamed about, can seem like it really is the end of the world. But don’t lose heart. A lot of private universities and other government universities offer engineering courses that are of the same level as the IITs. Institutes like SRM, VIT, Anna University, Manipal University, etc. offer quality education. Most of these institutions fall under the top 25 engineering institutes of India according to the National Institutional Ranking Framework.

  1. Learn, all that you can – don’t stop

Once you enter college, you are welcomed to a new world with horizons broader than you could ever imagine. So, go on and enroll yourself in various extra-curricular and non-engineering courses. Don’t restrict your learning to your professors. Go beyond and explore your interests. But if you’re still inclined – there’s a way you can learn from IIT professors without being in an IIT. Sign up on NPTEL and reap the benefits of the knowledge of the IIT professors. You can even sign up for courses in ethical hacking, cyber security, etc., or anything that your heart is set on.

  1. Get Exposure

Learn and apply it all to your life. Go ahead and sign up for various clubs in your college. There’ll be so many options that you can lookup – it can be both academic clubs or even fun ones like the dance, literature, art or dramatics society. If our options are a little taxing on your daily schedule or just don’t fancy you, participate in paper presentations or just get yourself an internship.

  1. Be a part of the IIT Awesomeness

Not being able to crack the JEE doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the awesomeness of the IIT campus. Go on, get the best of their resources. Be a part of their tech fests, cultural fests or enroll for their short–time courses (they usually run for about a week).

  1. Campus recruitments with big pay packages

On hindsight, students dream of studying at IITs because of the amazing recruitments. But a lot of private institutions are also hosts to excellent placements with top organizations across various industries.

Dear Aditya(s) of India, explore the world of an engineer who did not graduate from an IIT.

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