We Bet You didn’t Know These Facts About IITs

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facts about IIT

Is studying at IIT your life goal? The aim of your life? The ultimate nirvana?

Yeah, why should it not be! Every year, news about IIT placement packages soaring as high as 1 crore per annum and jobs based in attractive foreign kindle the IIT flame in hearts of millions of students and parents across India.

Anyways, while we are at pay packages, let’s take a look at some of the highest packages offered to the IITians in the past:

IIT DelhiRs 1.42 crore per annum
IIT BombayRs 2.1 crore per annum
IIT KanpurRs 1.5 crore per annum
IIT KharagpurRs 2 crore per annum
IIT RoorkeeRs 1.83 crore per annum
IIT BHURs 2.03 crore per annum
IIT PatnaRs 1.8 crore per annum
IIT IndoreRs 1.7 crore per annum

Lost in your expensive dreams already?

Hold on… there are bigger and many other interesting reasons for IITs being so famous and wanted, that are worth knowing.

Apart from being the premier engineering institutions, IITs are a place where preference is given to the superior intellect.

10 amazing facts about IITs

IIT’s make their graduates multi-faceted. Not only are they the best, also deeply ingrained with values like discipline, integrity and leadership.

Here are some mouth gaping facts about IITs:

  • IIT Kharagpur boasts of a colossal campus with its area nearly three times as that of Vatican City and Monaco put together
  • IIT Bombay is a small township in itself which has a lake, forest, and mountains too
  • IIT Kanpur has an airstrip with its own gliders
  • IIT Roorkee boasts about blazing fast internet speed, up to 400 Mbps, which is almost 6 times India’s average internet speed
  • IIT Madras has one of the fastest supercomputing facilities in India
  • The roof of Dogra hall at IIT Delhi is a hyperbolic paraboloid. It has no supporting structures in the middle and is supported only at the ends
  • IIT Bombay’s annual college fest “Mood Indigo” is deemed as Asia’s largest cultural festival. A budget of Rs 24 lakhs was allocated to it in the year 1997
  • IIT Kharagpur has a “Bomb house”, which was used to store bombs by the Britishers during World War. It is being used as a staff quarter now.
  • IIT Kanpur is the first institute in the whole country to provide computer science education
  • IITs are the only foreign institution to be praised by the US Congress in the field of research and innovation.

How to prepare for JEE Main

Now when you know how cool your life at the IIT campus could be, it’s time to work hard and emerge as a winner.

Here’s how you should study for JEE Main:

1. Build command over concepts

Competitive exams require students to undertake concept-based learning, unlike school exams. Begin with NCERT to have a preliminary understanding and subsequent reference books to gain a more comprehensive idea.

2. Is it necessary to be off social media?

While a lot of JEE toppers log off from social media for 2 years to stay focussed, a lot do not. Lots of communities and groups on Facebook and other social media platforms help in solving doubts promptly and have productive discussions, which may prove useful.

3. Consistency makes you stand out

Improvements in anything always happen gradually. Likewise, for JEE Main. If you are weak in any subject, monitor your progress regularly on the same and keep practicing. Also, perform consistently across tests.

4. Track your mistakes

Knowing your mistakes is only the first step. Improve on them to ensure you are on the right preparation path. Maintain different notebooks while doing revision:

* Record your silly mistakes

* Write down the important formulas

* Make a note of important questions

Once you categorize all your mistakes, prioritizing them and studying becomes easier.

5. Practice tests that are close to the real exam environment

Enroll in the online mock test series, which will ensure that you are exam-ready. Additionally, simulated exams provide you with personalized insights that will save time and channel efforts towards those areas which require more attention and practice.

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