JEE Main Didn’t Go as Planned? What next?

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JEE Main Didn’t Go as Planned? What next?

Every year, more than 11 Lakh students appear for the coveted Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to the IITs. If you also took the JEE Main 2020 January session, and unfortunately your exam didn’t go too well, then you don’t need to be dejected. There’s still hope and a chance for you to turn this around.

First things first, you shouldn’t forget that JEE will be held again in April 2020 as well. So, there’s always a second chance. Apart from that backup, you have other good options as well if you think you won’t be able to perform to your fullest in JEE.

So, we have combined a list of 5 such options that you have if your JEE Main 2020 didn’t go as planned. Read on:

  1. Second attempt: As we mentioned above, JEE will be conducted again in April as well. So, you have a great chance to redeem yourself. The best part about it is that your best score out of the two attempts is considered as your final score. There’s always a scope for improvement and learning from your mistakes in your first attempt. There’s no need to lose hope even if you didn’t perform well in January. You also don’t need to re-register for the second attempt. Keep your spirits up!
  2. Attempt BITSAT: BITSAT is one such entrance examination that holds great importance when it comes to Engineering. Those who don’t perform well in JEE can always attempt BITSAT to grab a seat in one of the campuses of BITS. It is one of the best private Engineering colleges in the country.
  3. There is no lack of options: If Engineering is all you aspire for, you can also look for other private Engineering colleges or universities. They offer B.Tech in a wide variety of specialisations and conduct their entrance exam. You can take entrance exams like VITEEE, WBJEE or COMED-K. They might not be as reputed as IITs and NITs but are worthy of pursuing Engineering.
  4. Drop a year: If doing Engineering from IIT is your love as well as passion, and you think that cracking JEE would be difficult even in April, you can think of dropping a year. Don’t feel dejected by the thought of dropping a year; you can always strive to work hard, try again and hope to crack JEE next year. By dropping a year, you can work on your weak areas and avoid repeating the mistakes you did this year.
  5. Start taking mock tests regularly: Well, if you couldn’t crack JEE at one go, then it’s not the end of the road. You always have the chance to make up for the lost chance again in April. How will you make sure not to screw up your second chance?

By taking myPAT’ mock tests regularly, you can give yourself a great second chance to have a real shot at JEE and a seat at one of the IITs. The mock test would help you analyse your performance and work on them effectively to boost your performance.

Summing Up

Engineering and IIT are two dreams that Indian Science students always see! However, if your dream had a speed breaker in the form of an average attempt at JEE, it can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you more clarity for your next attempt or your next move.

Take your decision wisely! All the best!



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