Technology Bridging the Gaps in Student’s Learning Cycle

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Technology Bridging the Gaps in Student’s Learning Cycle

It’s 2020, and we’re moving fast, real fast. A lot of things have changed in the last decade in all aspects. Food is delivered by tapping on your phone, a cab arrives within minutes at your doorstep to help you reach your destination, you catch the latest movie in the comfort of your home on your phone, and much more.

Woah! We can go on and on about what has changed over these years. But there’s something even more important which changed in the last decade. It’s the way students learn on digital platforms with the help of technology.

Technology has played a huge role in bridging the gaps in a student’s learning cycle. However, the biggest challenge throughout this transformation has been to make sure that parents are aware of the advantages of technology.

As parents, the first thing that pops in your head is the disadvantages of technology, as excessive use of laptops and smartphones has adverse effects.  Issues like a lack of concentration, access to disturbing content and health issues (strained vision is the most common) are also major points of concern. However, contrary to popular Parents’ dilemma students learn more effectively with the help of technology.

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For parents, it is of utmost importance to understand the advantages of technology and how it helps in bridging the gaps. Read on to know five such factors:

  1. Learning becomes easier: With technology at the helm of things, it makes learning seem easier. It provides easy accessibility and affordability as well. With the internet available at the cheapest rates, the consumption of online content has gone up. This boom in internet consumption has led to the growth of online learning. Online learning or E-learning is the thing of the 21st century and there’s no stopping it.
  2. No more lost notes: We all agree that note-making is a tedious task. Maintaining those notes is a tougher job. Ask any student, and they’ll agree! Technology helps in the reduction of this process. When you have everything available on a computer or laptop screen, the need for making notes decreases. You can instantly save the content of your liking with just a click and whenever you need to look through it again, you can do so with just a click.
  3. Saves time: Time is money. It is the most valuable resource available to us. Technology helps a student in saving their time by giving them everything they want in the blink of an eye. Whenever they get stuck in solving any problem or whenever any doubt creeps up in their mind, they don’t have to wait to go to school/college the next day and get it solved with their teacher’s help. Technology comes to the fore here and saves their time by providing instant solutions to their problems.
  4. Performance evaluation: With Artificial Intelligence aided learning applications and portals available, analysing a student’s performance has become easier. These learning platforms enable a student to take mock tests and gauge their performance with detailed analysis. The prime example of this is myPAT – AI-driven online learning and assessment platform which provides a detailed analysis of the preparation level of a student. It also helps students in working on their weak areas and identifying the strong ones.
  5. Technology is a 21st-century thing: It’s 2020, and we’re in the 21st Everything happens in the blink of an eye. We know that the availability of time is limited for everyone. Students have to be on their toes all the time. However, it’s the parents who also need to be in sync with their child if they wish to be called as the ‘21st-century parents’. Technology plays a great role in bridging the gap between the parents’ awareness and their child’s academic performance. In this competitive world, parents must know if their child is weak in Electrostatics but finds a topic like Optics very easy.

You’d ask how’s that possible? Well, it’s possible with one of its kind mobile application – myPAT Parents. It is one such application that helps parents track their child’s preparation very effectively and in a detailed manner. It allows the parents to get more involved in their child’s academic journey and get an insight into their performance.

So, if your child uses myPAT, it’s time for you to start using the myPAT Parents app. If you’ve not introduced yourself to the world of myPAT yet, you’re missing out on a LOT. Download both the applications for free, right away!

All in all, technology is a boon not just for the students, but for parents as well. Dear parents, please do allow your child to explore the world of online learning; you’ll never regret the decision. Moreover, your child will be able to grasp it all very quickly.


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