Tips to Beat Sharmaji Ka Beta

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Tips to Beat Sharmaji Ka Beta

Are you tired of listening to ‘Sharamji ke bete ke 100 mein se 100 aye hain’ ‘Sharmaji ka beta JEE ki taiyari kar raha hain’ or ‘Beta tumse nah ho payega’? I too am a survivor of this. It’s time to turn the tables around and become the next Sharmaji ka beta’

It is not only your parents that keep nagging you but also your neighbours, your relatives, your vegetable vendor and even your school’s watchman. If you have had it enough and want to hear no more of it, then you have landed at the right place.

Few attributes of ‘Sharmaji ka Beta’

Before exploring what it takes to become the next ‘Sharmaji Ka Beta’, it is important to know few characteristics that he possesses. Here are some of his traits:

  • He doesn’t remember when he last went to the movies.
  • He never had a girlfriend and have not played any video games either.
  • He literally sleeps with books and his eyesight is blurring slowly.
  • He cries when he doesn’t get full marks and cribs about it to teachers, parents, and neighbors.
  • Sports is something he has heard about it in the books.
  • All he talks about is JEE or BITSAT and the concepts.
  • Every Uncle and Aunty you know loves him.

A long list of traits to even remember right? Even penning these traits have made me recall the horrors of my childhood.

So, what to do?

What is the magic mantra that ‘Sharmaji ka beta’ possesses and you don’t? Let me tell you the secret and it is ‘there is no magic ingredient’. The trick is not to become the next ‘Sharmaji ka Beta’ but to be the best version of you. It is the end result that matters. If you succeed in cracking any exam especially competitive exams like JEE with top marks, then there is no ‘beta’ to give you any competition.

Don’t get caught up with any hype, as it is a distraction rather than a healthy competition.

How to get better marks than ‘Sharmaji ka beta’?

If you are an aspirant for the toughest exams in India like JEE, BITSAT, then it is understandable the weight of expectations that you have to carry. Moreover, these uncalled comparisons with compatriots don’t help your case either.

What you can do is:

  • Follow your own study style rather than following someone else’s.
  • If you are determined to overcome the competition then prepare for the exams diligently.
  • It is not that you are going to succeed at your first read, so keep pushing your boundaries.
  • Don’t try to parrot the concepts, rather try to learn and understand the logic behind it.
  • Learning the concepts is just not enough to ace exams like JEE. So, take mock tests to improve your problem-solving skills. Speed and accuracy are of paramount importance.
  • There are a hell lot of concepts and formulas to remember. So, dedicate 2 to 3 hours daily for revising the concepts. Write it down even if you have to.
  • The key: Set a good timetable and adhere to it with all your heart.


It is unfair on the part of many to compare a child to others and I am completely against it. Judging self than others is the mark of humility. A child too has to compete with themselves rather than with others. The better self you become more the chance of achieving your goals.

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