Why Learning in An App Is So Much Better?

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Why Learning in An App Is So Much Better?

Let’s begin with an amazing fact. Did you know that 36% of the world population in the world uses a smartphone! From banking to shopping, you can now find an App for any domain.

The education sector is changing too and why not? Most competitive exams are now conducted in the online mode. The Joint Entrance Examination (Main) being the latest one.

In the pursuit of making India digital, the education industry is evolving as well. With the advent of technological advancements and the launching of e-learning apps, now you can learn anytime anywhere.

Benefits of Learning On App

  • Learning the new way- the smarter way

    With much effort put into revolutionizing the education sector, the era of traditional learning methods is slowly fading away. Gone are the days when you could acquire knowledge within the four walls of a classroom. Video lectures, online tests, and interactive learning apps are now a reality, making life easier for students like you.

  • Go online, go mobile 

    As you know that traveling to school or coaching can be time-consuming, especially when you reside in a metro city. Now, if you have an app that will help you learn anytime, anywhere. Why waste crucial study time when you can make most of your traveling time by learning on an app. So, the next time when you are traveling in a metro, bus, or car, you can make an effort to learn a new concept every day.

  • Individualistic approach

    You must know by now that clogged classrooms aren’t the best place for one on one performance tracking or even doubt resolution. And if you are preparing for the toughest of examinations like JEE, you will need personalized attention. In an exam-preparation app like myPAT you will not only find quality mock tests in the real test environment but also:

  • Personalized feedback with detailed analytics. It is now easy for you to track your progress.
  • The syllabus is broken down into smaller concepts to help you learn at your own pace.
  • Assistance is available to you at your fingertips, 24/7.
  • There is also a community for you to ask when in doubt and answer when you know.

What’s in it for the teachers?

The benefit of a learning app is not confined to the students but includes teachers as well. With the help of apps, teachers will now be equipped to

  • Monitor and measure individual/batch performances.
  • Assign tasks & reference materials on the go.


With exams are becoming modernized, it is important for you to do move away from the traditional preparation approach. When an exam is online, it is crucial to prepare online for you to have a competitive advantage.

Preparing online will equip you with the resources (mock tests, previous year papers, solutions, and doubt resolution forums) essential for acing such career-defining exams. You don’t have to scramble for resources in libraries and bookstores anymore.

You can now prepare yourself with just a tap of your fingertip. ‘Learn anytime, anywhere is not a myth anymore.

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