How Edtech has revolutionized the Education Industry

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How Edtech has revolutionized the Education Industry.

Technology has intervened in every industry. With an advent of technology in education industry it has made an indelible mark in our classrooms. The EdTech revolution has helped every stakeholder to achieve their academic goals. Both teachers and students got benefit from technology. 

Here we have mentioned how Edtech has became a boon for our teachers and students.

Let’s start with our very own teachers:

Hassle-free and Automated Grading System

Grading has become truly bliss with the advent of automated grading systems. In today’s age teachers can make use of assessment software tools. these tools make it easier for teachers to evaluate the performance of all students on a regular basis. These are web-based or app-based tools based on the school curriculum. These even lessen the assessment load of the teachers. They can concentrate and use their valuable time in preparing remedial plans for weaker students. As diagnose work is already done by the technology.

Classroom Management Tools

Managing a class of over 50 students is a task. Classroom Management Tools not only help teachers to keep a scanner over class noise levels. Apart from this, they can also send reminders to parents and students about the home assignments and projects given to students.

Digital Classrooms

Technology has turned our classrooms into digital classrooms where we make the least use of paper. Lectures are given in a digital way and students also make use of digital platforms to study. This also helps to promote environmental awareness by saving paper and propagating greenery.

Get Exact Academic Standing of Students

Earlier teachers used to rely on their intuition to check which student is serious and who is casual. But perceptions are not 100% correct. Assessment tools available in the market, provide teachers the exact data about students in the form of analytics with proper SWOT and metrics. This behaves like solid data for teachers to assess the student and work on the improvement plan.

Technology also benefits students in a huge way

Increased involvement in the class activity

Technology has made learning a fun activity. Where students can learn while playing education-related games on their mobile phones. Apart from this, they can attend online lectures through their phones. By the medium of such games, they can solve problems by making use of digital platforms. They can even connect with their peers and work as a team to complete certain projects while being in their own space.

24/7 Access to learning

EdTech has made education available to students anytime and anywhere. They can study as per their time preference and can access classrooms through the digital medium. Without being present in the physical class they can take the advantage of the lectures. This has become a great help during the COVID period. When giving and taking the physical class was out of the question. Then technology came to our rescue and sustained the learning process.

Switch classwork with home assignments

In traditional methods of learning, teachers used to give lectures in the class, and students used to prepare projects and assignments at home. But technology has helped us to reverse the process. Now lectures can be recorded, and students can watch the recorded class at home. Whereas, projects can be done in the class where every student can give his/her input. Through this student’s learning takes place on a real-time basis. As they do practical in class in front of the teacher and with the group students. As each student thinks differently, various brains can come up with genius ideas.

Making learning a personalized experience

Today technology has made learning personalized experience for every student. Today teachers get ready-made analytics-based performance reports for every student. They personally work on weaker students and this helps students to get the right guidance at the right point of time. Even recorded lectures also help students to learn as per their ease.

Attention- seeking lectures

At earlier times lectures used to get monotonous as teachers don’t have many resources to spice up the teaching. But today teachers have an endless number of resources to spice up their teaching. They can make use of audio-visuals, gamifying problems, and many other modes to teach the lesson. This grabs the attention of the class while learning takes place simultaneously.

Here we saw how EdTech tools help teachers as well as students in learning effectively. If they make efficient use of technology, then today it’s much easier for students to clear their every doubt. Even teachers can easily help students in the most advanced way.

Here we would like to hear from you that in which way technology has helped you and your students?

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