52.4% Students Cleared JEE Advanced by Self-Study: Topper’s Tips

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52.4% Students Cleared JEE Advanced by Self-Study: Topper’s Tips

Yes, you saw that right. The trend of the recent JEE Advanced has been the same. More than half of students taking admissions in IIT in 2017 and 2016, did self-study. So, why should your study plan be any different?

Stats that shows the clearer picture

‘A study done by IIT-Guwahati in 2016 stated that 52.4% of students who got admissions to IITs had done self-studying for JEE Advanced. 44.5% students who got admissions in IIT had taken help from coaching centres and the remaining 2% took help of private coaching.’

This trend continued even in in 2017 as per a study done by IIT-Madras. In 2017, more than 50% of the students who got admission in IITs had studied on their own. While the 47% of students took help of coaching centres to aid them in their journey to the IITs.

‘Self-study’ the new trend in town

Time management is of essence, if you want to self-study and more people have been successful in clearing JEE Advanced in the recent past by doing so. The trend has changed as coaching centres are imparting knowledge in a more unidirectional and a conventional way. Students demand more, and they should as their careers are at stake.

Toppers’ secret to self-study

Have you wondered how 52.4% students cracked JEE Advanced to be in an IIT? Well, our data scientists have figured out some key strategies that the self-study toppers had adopted to become an IITian. Here is the list:

#1 Begin soon to cover the bases

We have seen that most toppers begin their preparations when they are in class 10. Like most they don’t wait for 10th boards to be over and then start preparing for the exam. They syllabus to cover for this exam is a huge one and as early as you can begin will benefit you immensely.

#2 Developing a liking for the subjects

Creating a natural liking for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will take you further in achieving your goal than having to do it out of lack of options.

#3 Making most of the day

The number of hours count and making most of each minute of the hour is crucial. Day dreaming with your eyes in a book won’t help. When you are studying or practicing, do it diligently without distractions.

#4 Best fit timetable

Giving equal weightage to self-study, practice and revisions are important to crack JEE Advanced. Don’t do it without a plan as this will lead to you losing track of your preparations. Prepare a timetable best suited to your study style and follow it religiously.

This is how most topper’s day looked like:

  • 6 hours of self-study and practice.
  • 3 hours of solving JEE Advanced mock tests and previous year’s papers.
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#5 Avoid Distractions

This is a given rule for any exam or any other work that you want to get it done. Stay away from distractions, especially social media. Though you can use social media to clear your doubts since you will be doing self-study. Use the social media platform to your advantage rather than getting distracted by it.

#6 Choosing friends wisely

Most friends are a distraction when you are preparing for an exam like JEE Advanced. Though group study can be an effective technique to clear each other’s doubts, especially when doing self-study. Choose acquaintances who are serious in their studies for group study sessions. You are allowed to be selfish when preparing for an exam of this magnitude.

#7 Take some time off for yourself.

Taking breaks in between your study will help you focus and keep you healthy to prepare for a period of two years. Stay fit, as being unfit is one of the reasons why aspirants don’t perform well in the exam as expected.


It takes a lot to be a topper, but the most important thing is to not lose vision and focus on the goal. Take inspiration from the topper’s tips and make your own way to an IIT. We can’t wait to hear your story in the bulletin.

Best of Luck.

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