How to Crack JEE Advanced?

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Ask an IITian about his preparation story. He will give you a metre-long list of things he had sacrificed in those two years of his life, burying himself behind textbooks. That being said, he will also tell you how it was all worth it!

Well, nobody said it will be easy. Good things take time and, allow me to add, a truckload of hard work too. The same holds true for this life goal as well – acing the JEE Advanced. The price you pay for it is undivided dedication, concentration, focus and efforts.

In this section we will talk about the study strategy you must adopt to crack the JEE Advanced 2019. We will also discuss preparation tips of previous year toppers who are living their dream of studying in an IIT today.

How to Crack JEE Advanced?

  1. Get Your Fundamentals Right: The first step to study for advanced level of any thing in the world is to know its basics. The same strategy applies to JEE Advanced as well. Begin your preparation by reading and understanding the basics of all the chapters and concepts in your syllabus. Read NCERT. Refer one more reference book for each subject. Once your fundamentals are clear, move on to solving tougher questions.
  1. Find the Perfect Reference Book: While NCERT is more or less sufficient for clearing the JEE Main, you need advanced level practice for the Advanced paper. You will find hundreds of book suggestions online but pick the book that you find easy to understand. Additionally, you need not consult 4-5 reference books for a subject. One book each for PCM will suffice. Here are the suggestions for best books for JEE Advanced:
  • Physics: HC Verma, IE Irodov, & Resnick, Halliday and Walker
  • Chemistry: OP Tandon, P Bahadur
  • Mathematics: RD Sharma
  1. Test Your Online Exam Readiness: JEE Advanced is an online exam. Many of us are still new to the online mode of examination. To avoid any confusions or surprises on the exam day, why not already have a proper online practice beforehand? Solve online mock test papers and become exam ready.Take myPAT’s free online mock tests in real test environment – same exam screen, question paper difficulty level and exam pattern. These tests are timed and help improve your speed and accuracy. Know your weaknesses and strengths – take a free test here.
  1. Prepare and Maintain your Notes: Never underestimate the power of handwritten notes. They are the best for revisions and last minute preparations. Maintain separate notes for important formulas and equations. Keep a record of your most frequently made mistakes. Also list down all important questions. Go through them everyday. Your mistakes will reduce and your scores will improve.
  1. Solve Previous Year Papers: Year after year, top JEE Advanced rank holders, in their interviews, have stressed on the importance of solving previous year question papers; and we can’t agree more. They are best means to analyse the type of questions you may get in your JEE Advanced paper. Time yourself and solve at least the past 5 years’ question papers for helpful insights.

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