How do I Score 200+ in JEE Advanced 20120?

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How to score 200+ in jee advanced

Making it to the top 2.24 lakh candidates who get selected for the JEE Advanced exam is nothing short of a competitive challenge. However, an even bigger challenge is that of getting a score above 200 in JEE Advanced.

Yes, it is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either!

So, when you set a target-based score for yourself, making the right kind of timetable and sticking to it becomes highly important. With almost a year remaining for the JEE Advanced, make the most of every minute of this time.

Imagine your parent’s happy faces. Your happiness on finally getting to be an IITian. These thoughts will motivate you further to do well in the JEE.

Follow the subject-wise strategies mentioned belowto maximize your score in the JEE Advanced.


  • Study by practice. Never undertake rote learning or just going through a concept as this would make your learning ineffective.
  • Practice as many questions as possible, keeping in mind the time availability. Also, keep assessing the time you take for every question on a regular basis. Solving questions in lesser time will give you a competitive edge over other candidates.
  • As soon as you finish studying a chapter, practice related concepts on the same day to assess how much you have been able to learn and understand.
  • Capitalize on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
  • Keep flashcards of important concepts and formulae with you. This will help you at the time of revision.
  • Pay attention to topics that have a high weightage in the exam: Rotational motion, Thermodynamics and EMI.


  • Chemistry is a subject that consists of a lot of equations and formulae. Understand the reaction mechanism well.
  • It is important in this case to understand every concept in detail, instead of cramming them.
  • Know the Periodic Table well, as this is one good scoring area.
  • Pay specific attention to D-Block elements, F-Block elements and co-ordination compounds.
  • Make regular notes while you study to retain whatever you studied effectively.


  • Exhaustive practice of mock tests and concepts is recommended to perfect this section.
  • Doubts in math should be resolved as soon as possible, as piling up the same would hamper the confidence of an aspirant.
  • Refer to the previous year papers as well as sample papers to have an idea of the types questions asked in the actual exam.
  • More than speed, focus on getting accurate answers. If you take a lot of time for a problem at first but get it right, try solving a similar problem and arriving at the solution in lesser time.
  • Calculus based problems would require a lot of practice. As you practice, you will realize there are multiple ways of solving a question. Analyze various ways and stick to one method that is both effective and efficient.

Here are some general preparation tips that the JEE Advanced aspirants must follow:

  • Study every day and make it a routine. Studying inconsistently will hamper your productivity, consequently your performance.
  • Revise whatever you study on a regular basis. If you fail to do this, you might not able to retain most of what you study.
  • Never undermine anything or make false assumptions. They could cost you heavy.
  • Instead of putting in unnecessarily long hours into one topic or concept, make your study more focused and time-based.

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