myPAT Exclusive: Predicting JEE Advanced 2018

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As we get closer to the JEE Advanced, only one question clouds all students’ minds – “What to expect in the final exam?”

Their anxiety about the examination, important topics, question pattern etc. keeps haunting them.

Our data scientists being former engineering students themselves, understand the plight of students giving numerous entrance examinations. So, they got together and spent hours feverishly studying and analysing JEE papers from 2013 – 2017. The results got little beyond our expectations when their analysis brought some jaw-dropping revelations! With the trends that emerged, they have identified chapters and concepts which are expected to have maximum weightage in the JEE Advanced 2018.


Our experts have predicted the chapters which would form 75% of the question paper, as shown below:

Chapter Percentage
Optics 14.89%
Modern Physics 14.89%
Heat and Thermodynamics 8.51%
Current and Electricity 8.51%
Electrostatics 8.51%
Rotational Motion 8.51%
Simple Harmonic Motion 6.38%
General Physics 6.38%

Optics and Modern Physics are most frequently featured in the question papers with 16 and 16.8 marks (5 year average) respectively, every year. Interestingly, most of the easy questions have been asked from these chapters only. Apart from these, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics and,General Physics are the other topics that are most frequently asked in JEE Advanced.


The following chapters are expected to form 75% of the Chemistry section:

Chapter Percentage
Study of Functional Groups 25.64%
Thermodynamics 7.69%
Chemical Bonding 7.69%
Hydrocarbons 5.12%
D and F Block Elements 5.12%
Ores and Metallurgy 5.12%
Coordination Compounds 5.12%
Group 13 5.12%
Chemical Kinetics 2.56%
Group 2 2.56%

Based on the trend analysis over a period of 5 years, the highest share of easy questions are expected to be from Study of Functional Groups, Ores and Metallurgy, Group 15 and Chemical Bonding. The frequently asked chapters are: Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Coordination Compounds.


As per our experts, the following topics from the Mathematics section are predicted to form 65% of the question paper

Chapter Percentage
Definite Integration 14%
Parabola 9%
Application of Derivatives 7 %
Vector 7%
Continuity and Differentiability 7%
Probability 7%
3-D Geometry 4.5%
Complex Number 4.5%
Differential Equation 4.5%
Progression and Series 4.5%

Over the past 5 years, Definite Integration and Application of Derivatives have been asked every year, with 16.6 and 13 marks (5 year average) marks respectively. Easy questions are mostly from Probability, Parabola and Vector.
As far as last minute preparation is concerned, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Revise minimally. Go through your earlier mock test attempts and topics that have been marked for revision.
  • Do not start anything new
  • Do not engage in exhaustive study during this phase, as it might tire you
  • Ensure a healthy diet and optimum sleep to be both physically and mentally fit for JEE Advanced!

All the Best!

For more information, watch the exclusive webinar by Mr. Mayur Saxena, our Chief Data Scientist – Predicting the JEE Advanced 2018

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