JEE Advanced 2021: Study Plan for Exam Preparation

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JEE Advanced 2021: Study Plan

We are living in the times of the COVID-19 outbreak. All schools and coaching institutes have been suspended. In a recent announcement, JEE Advanced 2021 has been postponed because of the surge in covid-19 cases. Exam dates are announced later, so If you are a JEE aspirant, who was geared up for JEE Advanced this year, you can use this extra time to boost your exam preparation with myPAT’s Pre Series JEE Advanced 2021 course.

What is the Pre-Series JEE Advanced 2021 course?

This is for the students who aspire to appear for JEE Advanced this year. You can practice the way toppers do, with myPAT’s Pre-Series JEE Advanced course, tailor-made to help you crack the exam. Following are the benefits of this course:

Benefits of Pre-Series JEE Advanced 2021 course:

  • 20 mock tests for Part I and Part 2
  • Latest JEE Advanced Examination Pattern
  • Flexibility to choose test duration
  • Instant Analysis

Using myPAT Analytics: The Gateway to your JEE Study-Plan

Our free online courses for JEE Advanced 2021 emphasize on using useful data metrics to review your performance through our online test series. Be it your time management skills or test-taking ability, everything is monitored and presented to you in an easy-to-understand format.

You can track your JEE Advanced syllabus progress, goal completion, and analyze your test performance with metrics like accuracy rate, score percentage, and speed.

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Creating your JEE Advanced 2021 Study Plan

Now that you have redeemed the course, do you know how to use myPAT’s free JEE Advanced courses and devise the best study plan for yourself? If not, we’re here with the perfect study plan that will help you skyrocket your scores. When preparing for an exam like JEE Advanced yielding the maximum output from the 24-hours available is crucial.

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After analyzing what previous year’s toppers had to say, we have formulated a timetable for you to follow:

The 24-hour study plan to follow during the lockdown to crack JEE Advanced 2021:

Time Activity What to studyTotal hours
6.30-7.30 AMWake up & finish your morning activities (Flex your brain and get ready to study). To improve your concentration level meditate for 15 minutes daily
8.00-10.00 AMStart studying with a fresh mindCheck your myPAT dashboard to understand your syllabus progress. Note down your weak concepts and start understanding them. This is the best time to study the topics you are weak at because your concentration level is the maximum during early morning hours.2 hours (without any breaks in between)
10.00-11.00 AMEat healthy-home cooked breakfastRead motivational stories about ex-IITians and their journey to success or any other newspaper article you like. This will help you to stay on track and not lose focus.1 hour
11.00 AM-1.30 PMStudy againContinue the topic you began studying in the morning. Once you think you are able to understand it, attempt it’s 20 mins concept test on myPAT and see your performance metrics. Use this time to begin another topic that requires your focus.1-2.5 hours
2.00-3.00 PMHave lunch and take a power nap to refresh yourself.1 hour
3.00-6.00 PMPracticeThis is the best time to solve mock tests and solve the previous year’s papers. With just a few months left for JEE Advanced exam, try to solve full tests of 3 hours3-hours
6.00-7.00 PMTake a Break. Go for a  walk or listen to music. Just unwind yourself.1 hour
7.00-9.00 PMStudyComplete/revise 2 to 3 topics thoroughly.2- hours
9.00-10.30 PMDinner Break. Watch a series or T.V just to unwind yourself1.5 hours
10.30-11.30 PMStudyRevise the topic/topics that you have studied today. Make notes of the topics you have covered.1 hour
11.30 PM -12.00 AMMake plans on what to study the next day and hit the bed.0.5 hours



myPAT’s Pre-Series JEE Advanced 2021 free course is your best bet available right now to get a good rank in your JEE Advanced. What are you waiting for?

Start practicing online now. Stay home, stay safe, and best of luck.

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