Study These Topics to Ace JEE Advanced 2019

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Dude, what are the important topics?

I have only a day left, what should I study?

Which chapters have the maximum weightage?

How many marks will I score if I study this topic?

These are the most common doubts every student struggles with just before the exam. No matter how hard you have studied for two long years or just started a week back, the exam heebie-jeebies leave no stone unturned while giving you a hard time.

On top of that, we, here, are not talking about any ordinary exam preparation. It’s JEE Advanced, folks! It is probably the toughest engineering entrance exam in the country which picks the top cream layer of JEE aspirants after having a trial by the ordeal through JEE Main.

There are enough obstacles already on the way till JEE Advanced, which further adds up to the final leap before realizing your IIT dream.

How interesting and easy our lives would have been if we knew the right answers to all our doubts!

Yeah, you thought it and we just turned it into reality.

The question that matters to JEE aspirants the most and takes up a big chunk of their valuable time is “How to approach for JEE Advanced Entrance Exam”

Sit back relaxed, we’ve got the answer!

Our team of myPAT experts did their extensive research to get you a fool-proof solution to what you should study and focus upon.

The research of JEE Advanced exam 2013-18 reveals the below trends for all the three subjects:



Now that you know what to study, it’s time to devise a succession plan. Here you go:

The ultimate JEE Advanced success plan

It is never too late to start preparing for JEE Advanced. The consistent study is what matters.

1. Build command over concepts

Competitive exams like JEE Advanced require aspirants to undertake concept-based learning, unlike school exams. Begin with NCERT to have a preliminary understanding and subsequent reference books to gain a more comprehensive idea.

2. Is it necessary to be off social media?

While a lot of JEE Advanced Toppers log off from social media for 2 years to stay focussed, a lot do not. Lots of communities and groups on Facebook and other social media platforms help in solving doubts promptly and have productive discussions, which may prove useful.

3. Consistency makes you stand out

Improvements in anything always happen gradually. Likewise, for JEE Advanced. If you are weak in any subject, monitor your progress regularly so that your mistakes are reduced and become unrepetitive.

4. Track your mistakes

Knowing your mistakes is only the first step, the next thing you need to do is to improve upon them and ensure you are on the right path.

* Maintain different notebooks while doing revising

* Record your silly mistakes

* Write down the important formulas

* Make a note of important questions

Once you categorize all your mistakes, prioritizing them and studying becomes easier.

5. Practice tests that are close to the real exam environment

JEE is all about applying concepts in varied forms. The more you practice, the more you get accustomed to applying concepts in various ways. Enroll in JEE Advanced online mock test series, which will ensure that you have achieved concept mastery. Additionally, simulated exams provide you with personalized insights that will save time and channel efforts towards those areas which require more attention and practice.

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