5 Tricks To Revise For An Exam Like JEE

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The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is a yearly phenomenon but preparations for the exam lasts for more than two years. As preparations begin, aspirants soon realize that time is always inadequate and in a blink of an eye aspirants have to soon begin taking mock tests and revise the entire syllabus.

Lakhs of students look to take this exam every year and aspirants go to great lengths to crack the entrance examination. Acing one of the toughest competitive exams is not an easy feat, as the syllabus is vast, so are the topics and the number of formulas.

To remember and recall every topic and formulae can be cumbersome and hence the dire need to revise.

Here are some winning tricks to revise and give you a head start:

Scheduling Sessions For Revision

A good preparation strategy is one that inculcates a good study timetable. Revision is no different and cannot be alienated from the timetable. A study shows that revisions can be effective if done in short spells of 25 to 30 mins. The key here is to take breaks between JEE Mock Test sessions and then do a revision of a topic. Stirring things up will help you learn better and will keep monotony away.

Solace and Silence

This two-word mantra is crucial for an aspirant looking to take on JEE to not only study but also while revising. Revisions are the most crucial part of JEE preparations and having a quiet study place is a must. Minimum the distractions maximum the results.

Time of the Day

There is no designated time or an auspicious moment to begin revisions. Some are night owls and some the morning cuckoo. Though it will be helpful to the aspirants if the revision hours are kept in the morning hours. A study states that revisions done in the morning have more impact and retention of information is prolonged.

Adding Some Spices to the Revision

Here are some techniques that can be used to spice up revisions:

  • Whiteboard to scribble
  • Colorful markers to highlight
  • Sticky notes to organize.

Previous Year Papers and Mock Tests

The JEE exams will test an aspirant’s knowledge, speed, and accuracy. To remember and recall a vast pool of topics and concepts can be draining. The best way to revise for an exam like JEE is to solve previous year’s papers and take as many mock tests as possible. This is a good way for aspirants to begin revision, as these mock tests give a clear picture of what topics need improvement and revision.

Knowing where things are going wrong is the first step to rectify it.


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