How to equip teachers for a more productive talk during Parent Teacher Meetings

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Equipping teachers for a more productive talk during PTM

Teachers and parents are two robust pillars that shape the entire future of the student. To build up a concrete future it is vital that both are in congruence with each other and work towards the betterment of the student. The sad part is that Parent Teacher Meetings are not conducted in schools on a regular basis. They are conducted after half-yearly and term-end examinations. Parent Teacher meetings are also majorly to give report cards to parents and have short conversations. This doesn’t help either. It is very important that teachers and parents have a fruitful conversation that helps the student.

Parents and teachers can talk on various grounds like teachers can share academic progress of students and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments. Teachers can ask Parents about the home routine of the student. This way they are better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles.  During the Parent Teacher Meetings they should discuss certain strategies to support student’s learning and talk on the issues that may be intrusive in student’s learning and development.

Here we have listed certain methods that teachers can follow to turn their Parent Teacher Meetings into a constructive conversation:

Thoroughly review the report card

Teachers should make sure that before Parent Teacher Meetings, they can review the report card deeply. This helps them to discuss the grades of the students with the parents and focus on the areas where improvement is required. This way they can mutually prepare a remedial plan.

Keep the note of student’s day to day performance

It’s essential that teachers prepare their material far in advance. They should keep a note of the student’s everyday performance and can share with parents, if their children missed their assignments or projects. This way they can work on core with every student. As parents can keep a track over student’s learning at home.

Send invitations to parents

Teachers must send invitations to every parent personally via mail or post. So that each one of them attends the meeting. In the invitation they must mention the time slot for the parent and the importance of the meeting.

Create an aesthetic environment in the class

During PTM welcome parents with a broad smile and showcase students’ work like charts and projects. Place adult size chairs in the class as usually classes have desks and chairs meant for students. As the first impression is the last impression, this creates the good impression of the teacher among parents.

Share student’s strengths first

When you start interacting with parents, always initiate conversation on a good note. Every parent wants to hear good about their children and when teachers appreciate the student, parents feel proud about that. After that when you share some weaknesses, they try to overcome those weaknesses in their child.

Share the detailed analysis of the grades

Teachers must share the detailed report card of the students with parents. They should try to plan a remedy with parents right in the PTM itself. As PTM is the only opportunity when teachers get face to face with the teachers. So it should be optimally used.

Make it more interactive

Keep on speaking and sharing your experience about the students sometimes becomes monotonous. The conversation should always be two ways. Teachers must make it sure that while talking to parents they must allow them to speak and share their viewpoint. Through this parents not only get comfortable, but teachers also get to know their students in a better way.

Share your strategies with parents

To conclude the conversation always come up with a plan to improve the performance of the students. Tell parents what all strategies they can implement at home.

Share honest data with parents

Sometimes teachers think that parents feel humiliated if they share all the negative points of their child with them. But never sugar-coat the truth. If a student is seriously getting out of the hands then it becomes the teacher’s responsibility to keep the truth in front of parents. Every parent knows about their child. So, teachers should also be honest in this way, then only the purpose of PTM is met.

Regular communication and follow-up

If you have planned something during PTM with parents. Keep on following up on that. Don’t keep it aside and forget about it. These days it’s very convenient for teachers to keep in touch with parents. They can make WhatsApp groups and keep a track on the student’s development.

These were some methods that teachers can adopt and make optimum use of the PTM. Let us know which all methods you are using in your next Parent Teacher Meeting?

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