3 Things You Don’t Know About BITSAT

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Forget about the blending in of winters or approaching summers, the love of Valentine’s, or the colors of Holi; engineering aspirants have deceived their whole lives. They are supposed to remember the exam seasons and dates instead. One such pillar that stands tall every season is the BITSAT examination.

When sheer panic lingers over the top of heads, everyone gets apprehensive and it can’t be neglected. While some students consider BITSAT as a backup to JEE, it is also the priority goal for many as well.

Three BITS campuses that provide direct admissions via BITSAT are:

  • BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus
  • K Birla, Goa Campus
  • BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus

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General cut-off trends as seen in few past years go as high as 300-350+ marks, the target of which can be easily achieved by preparing an effective strategy. While you are still struggling with your last moment plans, strategies, and preparations, we bring you across some surprising facts you don’t know about BITSAT. And that’s how the answer to ‘How to crack BITSAT’ becomes much easier!

1. Cracking the “Bonus question” strategy

There are 12 extra questions known as bonus questions adding to the original count of 150. The catch is, to attempt the bonus ones, you need to submit the original 150 questions first and you can’t come back to these then. The deal is sealed. So, move over to the bonus questions only when you are fully satisfied with the original ones.

The bonus questions have 1 negative point for each wrong answer and 3 positive points for the correct one. So, even if you get only 5 correct out of 15, you are entitled to 15 marks for right answers and -10 for wrong. That gives you +5 in total. There is nothing much to lose here!

2. Preparation strategies and tricks

  • While all other competition exams focus on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, BITSAT also incorporates logical reasoning and English proficiency sections. This is advantageous as these require less preparation. The questions are analytical ones and hence, require less time too.
  • BITSAT has a slightly lesser syllabus as compared to JEE, hence a strong focus is needed only on the important ones. Also, NCERT books are very important for BITSAT preparation as they help in basic concept clearance. The smart study is what you need to do.
  • The BITSAT exam pattern expects the examinee to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes. Speed and accuracy are the key contributing factors for cracking it.
  • 1/3 mark is deducted for every wrong answer in BITSAT as compared to a complete negative mark in JEE.
  • The most important preparation step is to keep practicing BITSAT Online Mock Test Series

 3. Exam solving tricks

  • BITSAT is well known for having trickier questions. But the best part is that all the questions hold the same weightage. It’s wiser to solve the concept-based, shorter questions first and then moving towards the lengthier questions.
  • To efficiently manage your time during the exam, start with a subject that you are more confident about and then move on to logical reasoning and English proficiency sections.

And then comes the end results!

After toiling so hard and burning the midnight oil, what do you get in the end? An interesting question indeed!

You will be glad once you read about the sweet fruit of patience!

There are no reservation criteria in BITS which marks a better student quality. Also, no compulsory attendance percentage is required. You can even opt for a dual degree course which means pursuing both science and engineering together. BITS is also home to some of the finest entrepreneurs in the country. Who knows, you could be the next!

Till then keep working hard, the price is priceless! Good Luck! 😊

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Picture sources: Embibe, AglaSem Admission

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