Busting Popular JEE Myths In Style

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Busting popular JEE myths in style

JEE Main 2020 is less than 40 days away! Is it a myth? No, it isn’t.

The exam is so close now! You can smell exam fear in the air. The preparations are also in full swing. But there’s something very important that needs to be addressed right now because it can really hamper your preparations.

There are a few rumours doing the rounds, which might hamper your preparation. Well, they are myths about JEE Main 2020 and can misguide you. Worse, they might even reduce your chances of cracking the exam.

It’s extremely important to not fall in the trap of these myths because, after all, a myth is a myth. We’re going to bust these myths so that you can stay focused during your preparation, and nothing stops you from cracking the JEE Main.

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Busting the JEE Myths

We have put together a list of 7 such myths and busted them so that you can keep preparing without worrying about anything else. Read on:

  1. An Average Student can’t crack JEE: One of the most popular myths is that an average student can’t crack the JEE exams. Well, it’s not unknown that JEE is a tough nut to crack but, that doesn’t mean only toppers can crack it.
    Even if you’re an average student, and you put your best foot forward, then you will definitely get through the exam. For a fact, not all IITians are excellent students who could solve every question in seconds. Some of them do the basics right – work hard, plan well and practise. That’s what it takes to achieve success.
  1. Success Rate ∝ Study Hours: Many students ask – how many hours should we study for JEE? The answer to this question – WRONG question. Understandably, you need to invest a lot of time, but it doesn’t mean that you exhaust yourself by studying non-stop for long hours.
    Everyone has their caliber, and only one thing matters – 100% focus. If you study with 100% focus, then there’s no need to compare the study hours with success rate.
  1. Studying with Dedication during the last few Months: It’s a big NO-NO. In fact, the earlier you start, the better it is! If you think that you can crack JEE just by studying in the last few months, then you’re in for a big shock.
    Even the brightest of students start studying well in advance so that they can give time to every single topic and practise them separately. Success can’t be achieved by chance; it needs hard work, perseverance, and smart planning.

Following is an example of a smart timetable:


ActivityWhat to Study

Total Hours

6.30-7.30 AMWake up & finish your morning activities (Flex your brain and get ready to study)            –                  –
8.00-10.00 AMStudy (with a fresh mind)Choose a difficult topic that you want to study or revise. Study shows that this is the best time to study topics that require focus.3-4 hours

(without a break)

10.00-11.00 AMTake a Break, have breakfast.Read a newspaper or an article if you like. JEE related news & articles will help you keep yourself updated and motivated.1 hour
11.00 AM-1.30 PMStudyIn the 1st half hour continue with the topic you have touched upon in the morning half of the day. The next hour choose a different topic or take a mock test of the chapter you have studied.1-2 hours
2.00-3.00 PMHave Lunch and take a power nap to refresh yourself.                         –1- hour
3.00-6.00 PMPracticeThis is the best time to solve mock tests and solve previous year’s papers. With just 1.5 months left for JEE Main exam, try to solve full tests of 3 hours3-hours
6.00-7.00 PMTake a Break. Go for a  walk or listen to music. Just unwind yourself.                 –1- hour
7.00-9.00 PMStudyComplete/revise 2 to 3 topics thoroughly.2- hours
9.00-10.30 PMDinner Break. Watch a series or T.V just to unwind yourself                     –1.5 hours
10.30-11.30 PMStudyRevise the topic/topics that you have studied today. Make notes of the topics you have covered.1 hour
11.30 PM -12.00 AMMake plans on what to study the next day and hit the bed.                   –0.5 hours
  1. Kota or Nothing: Yes, we know that Kota is the coaching hub for competitive exams. Does that mean students from other parts of the country don’t crack JEE? Of course, they do. Kota is NOT the only option for you to crack JEE.
    Students who have studied in remote areas of the country have also achieved great ranks. They planned properly, focused on the fundamentals, practiced, and took guidance from online platforms like myPAT. And guess what, they’re already at the IIT.
  2. More Books = More Marks: If you follow this rule, you will end up being confused and stressed. Pick one book and solve every topic completely. Simply focus on the basic concepts and solve as many mock tests and practise papers as you can.
  1. Focusing on Stronger Subjects compensates the Weaker Ones: We all have that habit of churning our stronger subjects first and engrossing ourselves in excelling at them. Doing this, we tend to focus less on weaker subjects, and this is where we end up ignoring some important topics.
    So, instead of leaving topics untouched, try to cover them all and take guidance from our experienced faculty to prepare well.
  1. No Social Life: It’s important to be focused and dedicated, but there has to be a balance, right? There’s a famous proverb – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and it’s not a myth.
    Extra study hours will only make you dull and tired. You need to take breaks and indulge in fun activities like playing outdoors and talking to friends and family and other hobbies that make you happy.

To conclude, there are shortcuts to crack IIT JEE. Well, there you go, this is also a myth. So, the next time you see a book which says, “Crack JEE in 10 Days”, remember it’s a joke. Instead of falling for these traps, devote your time to proper coaching and practice hard.

If you put 100% focus and dedicate yourself to studying sincerely, there’s nothing that can stop you from cracking JEE.

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