4 Parental Hacks To Keep Children Away From Bad Influences

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4 Parental Hacks To Keep Children Away From Bad Influences

Dearest parents, your child’s academic performance is a serious matter. You want them to do well and that is the least you can expect, after all the sacrifices you do for them. You wish the best and provide them with all you can.

However, if your child is average in academics and not performing as per your expectations; does that mean they are under some bad influence? Well, it’s not easy to figure it out.

If you think that your child might be under bad influence, then first, you need to talk with them to figure it out. ‘Teen’ age is a sensitive period of a child’s life. You, as parents, have also gone through a similar period. You very well know how it feels to be a teenager and the changes that come with it. Here are some parental hacks which will be useful for you in the long run to keep your child away from bad influences.

  • Model a Remarkable Lifestyle: If at any point you feel that your child is going a little off track, think about the person he looks up to for inspiration. Who is it? Obviously, it’s you. To make sure that your child remains focused and excels in his/her academic performance, you need to model a lifestyle which inspires him. If you live a life marked by integrity and determination yourself, your child will do the same.
  • Keep Open Lines Of Communication: Teenagers these days, are in a desperate hunt for a listening ear. This is one of the most crucial stages of their lives wherein they not only undergo physical changes but emotional ones as well. In their peer group, they might come across different topics which can prove to be a hindrance in their academic performance. It is important to know how to react when the child breaks out ‘shocking’ news or information. Rather than getting agitated and pointing fingers at your child immediately, listen to him/her first, and then convey whatever you feel in a calm and composed manner.
  • Keep a Close Watch On Their Peer Group: Your child’s peer group plays a very crucial role in determining not just his/her career choices, but the kind of person he/she will eventually become. Therefore, you need to understand this group as much as you can. To do this, you can arrange group study sessions at your place and interact with his/her friends. Gauge clearly and note if anything is off track in this circle. Listen to their conversations to understand the mental developments taking place in your child.
  • Ask Help From Teachers: Your child spends a considerable amount of his/her time daily with teachers. Be it a tuition teacher or a school teacher, they are the ones who are with your child during his/her learning hours. This makes it evident that a teacher is someone who will be able to give you valuable insights about your child which were otherwise hidden. Interact as much as you can with teachers to understand what may be going wrong in your absence.

Your child behaves in accordance with his surroundings. He/she learns and grows even through the minutest interactions taking place around him. Be it school, tuition or casual meetings with peers, understanding the fact that all of this influences your child is very critical.

If you want to ensure that your child stays away from bad influences, give him a community like myPAT where he/she can find likeminded children who can motivate him/her in the right direction – towards academics. Your child is the future and a platform like myPAT ensures that this future is bright by keeping a daily track of their academic performance through online tests and assessments.

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