Tips to Remain Focused During JEE Main Preparation

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JEE Main preparation requires two years of consistent hard work and dedication. During this phase, students try their best to remain focused and concentrate on their goals. However, with mobile phones, TV, Facebook, friends, and siblings around, they often tend to get distracted. Well, we understand. It’s only human to wander off these distractions. But if you look at your goal at hand and the competition it offers, you will realize you can’t afford to lose focus! It could cost you a regret of a lifetime.

In this section, we give you simple yet effective tips which will help you remain focused during your JEE Main preparation journey.

  1. Fix Your Sleeping and Waking Up Time

When a significant portion of your day goes into studying, you need a proper good night’s sleep to keep you active the next day. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is very important. It helps you relax. Toppers have often confessed that they planned their studies in a manner that they didn’t have to compromise 7 hours of sleep.

  1. Plan Your Study

If you have made a strict time table for your JEE Main preparation, you are bound to follow it. It will help you remain focused. You know if your target is to finish a concept in the next 1 hour, you will work hard, fight all distractions and end up completing it. On the contrary, if you don’t have you daily targets set, you will tend to waste time. We know how even the dull white paint of the study room wall seems interesting when we study!

  1. Appreciate Healthy Competition

Healthy competition always helps you stay motivated. You learn and grow faster when you watch your friends working hard. Since JEE is a competitive exam, relative performance matters. So, when you know where you stand in the crowd, you are driven to achieve more and reach the top. The spirit of competition bring out the best in you.

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  1. Find Time to Relax

Amid hectic study schedules, students often don’t find time to take a break. Relaxing your brain is very crucial. It refreshes your mind, improves your attention span and helps you retain better. Prepare your timetable in a manner that you don’t stretch your study session too long. Take a well-deserved break of 10-15 minutes in between.

  1. Take Care of Your Mental Wellness

With strict competition and the never ending syllabus of JEE, students are often tensed and they tend to stress out. Remember, taking care of your mental health is equally important as remaining physically fit. The best solution is to learn meditation. Practicing 10 minutes of meditation everyday can do wonders in helping you achieve your dream. Remain stress free.

Good luck for your JEE Main!

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