Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for NTSE

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Around 500,000 students take National talent search exam (NTSE) each year and only 1000 scholarships are awarded out of which 250 are reserved for SC, ST and physically challenged students. Quiet a shocking number, isn’t it?

This clearly shows that even after putting in so much of hard work and sleepless nights, there is something wrong with the way NTSE aspirants are doing their preparation.

We did lots of research and talked to previous year toppers to find out what goes wrong for the maximum of aspirants.

Here are some common mistakes which every aspirant tends to do but should not:

  • Carelessness Towards NCERT

Students generally think that going through NCERT is not gonna help them and they should rather study from bigger and thicker books to ace the exam. This is not the case. NCERT is the first and foremost step towards NTSE preparation. You should refer to another book in order to have a more comprehensive understanding and to solve problems

  • Not Solving Enough Previous Year Papers and Mock Tests

It is very important to get familiar with the exam pattern to know what to expect on the D-day. Many aspirants feel black out on the exam day due to exam anxiety. Exam mode can easily be mastered by solving previous year papers and mock tests which helps in identifying weaknesses, strengths and areas to improve upon.

  • Neglecting the Importance of Revision

Revising the syllabus is as important as preparing for it. It should be done on a regular basis. Make notes and write down all the important formulas, questions and your mistakes in it. This will help you in remembering things with which you struggled hard initially.

  • Referring Multiple Books, But Completing None

Students often tend to follow multiple books thinking that they will master everything. This is the wrong approach. Complete one book first and then go for another. Your pace of practicing problems would also become fast as you proceed further with other books. It will also provide you with revision of what you studied from the last book

  • Studying Until the Last Minute

Many aspirants keep procrastinating when there is enough time left for the exam but start panicking when the moment of exam arrives. This only adds up to the confusion and nervousness. Sleep on time a day before the exam. Do not talk with your friends about preparation. Take deep breaths during the exam.

  • Suffering Exam Anxiety

Often aspirants say that they felt blank during the exam, fell short of time or were not able to remember any of the studied topics. Stay calm and don’t panic on the day of exam. Have confidence on yourself and exam your exam preparation. Do not think about the result, just solve the paper with right frame of mind and be happy.

Now that you know what not to do and what to do, are you ready to ace NTSE? Prepare sincerely and earn the honor of being an NTSE Scholar.

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