Why Taking Mock Tests is Crucial for NTSE?

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The National Talent Search Examination is a nationwide examination open to students of Class 10th, held under the NTS scheme to award scholarships to deserving students. About 1000 scholarships are awarded every year to fund or provide for a Ph.D. in the following streams – Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce, Language, and Vocational Studies.

The amount of scholarship is as follows:

  • For Grades 11 and 12, an amount of INR 1250 per month shall be awarded.
  • For UG/PG students, an amount of INR 2000 per month would be awarded.
  • The amount of scholarship awarded for Ph.D. courses shall be as per UGC norms.

Every year, around 3 lakh students take NTSE, out of which only 1000 students are awarded the reputed scholarship. To make it through this competition, one needs to stand out in terms of his level and quality of exam preparation.

That can only be achieved by consistent study and rigorous practice. Speaking of practice, one thing that immediately comes to anyone’s mind is Mock Tests.

But, why are they so important?

Let us examine this question in detail by having a look at the 5 below-mentioned advantages:

Time Management

In any exam, time is paramount. The more you practice in a timed environment, your response time to questions will improve. You will gain a good command of both speed and accuracy.

Quality Revision

Since the NTSE syllabus is the same as the Boards, your revision becomes even more effective by practicing mock tests, by managing preparation for both NTSE and the Boards simultaneously.

Studying Social Science Made Easy!

Social Science is not practical unlike subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Additionally, it has a major weightage in the NTSE. The practice of NTSE mock tests for this subject will help you prepare effectively for this section, without any struggle. Instead of doing rote learning for social science and struggling to remember all of it, the practice of mock tests would help you retain learned information in a better way.

Your foundation becomes strong

The practice of mock tests makes your foundation strong in critical concepts. Your General Knowledge increases, additionally, your language and comprehension skills improve for the better. Even after taking NTSE, if you study any course in the future, you would be able to address it better with your problem-solving skills.

Prepares you for other competitive exams

The preparation that you do for the NTSE exam would always be useful at any point in your life. The amount of time that you invest in studying and practicing for NTSE aids you in preparing for exams like SAT and TOEFL, both in terms of in-depth conceptual knowledge and time management.

It’s time to give NTSE a shot!

Now after knowing the benefits of taking the NTSE Mock tests, it is now time for you to start preparing!

Before you start preparing, take a Free NTSE Test to know where you stand currently in terms of preparation. The insights determined will help you understand your strengths and areas of improvement.

Best of Luck!

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