How All India Open Test 2020 helped schools to transform Online Education

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All India Open Test 2020

Rightly stated by Donna J. Abernathy- “Online learning is not the next big thing, it is now the big thing.” We strongly believe this statement. This is one of the reason we conducted the All India Open Test.

In the month of October, we took an initiative to conduct an All India Open Test for schools around the nation. The main aim of the test are listed below:
1. We conducted this test at the National level. This gave students a larger platform to get single version of truth regarding their academic standing
2. We provided every student with a personalized analytics report that helped them to know where they need improvement
3. Through this test schools realized that how myPAT functions. This gave them sneak view on how our product functions and help their students
4. Students got an online tool to check themselves, anytime and anywhere. Similarly, this tool helped teachers to keenly evaluate each pupil individually.

As expected, we met all our objectives. Every stakeholder associated with education industry appreciated it. Here we have mentioned is how it helped each one of them:

*Benefit to School Management:

This test gave school management a larger platform to know the academic standing of their students at the national level. Additionally, this test helped them to know what is the academic understanding rate of students. We provided school management with the entire detailed cumulative reports. This helped school management a lot to know the class-wise performance.

*Benefit to Teachers:

Through the metrics report of the test, teachers came to know the detailed report of each student. This led them to work on the student who is weak in a certain topic and make them revise it again. As during classroom training it is next to impossible to concentrate on every student individually.

*Benefit to Students:

These tests were of great use for students. We evaluated them at National level. They realized where they stand when it comes to national competitive exams. Ultimately, they will compete with students from around the nation. Additionally, analytics-based results helped them to know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This led to better and selective revision resulting in improved performance.

So, Everyone appreciated All India Open test. This was real helpful tool for students.

This test was conducted in over 200 cities with 302 schools and touched 52391 students. We strongly believe that reward is essential to boost the morale of students and deserving students should be rewarded in the right way. This helps them to perform better in future. Every month from October to December, we rewarded toppers with myPAT yearly subscriptions and Amazon gift vouchers with Certificates of Appreciation.
The All India Open Test actually built a community of educationists who are like minded people. The  main aim of everyone was to make education available for all.

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