Net Practice for NTSE: Knock It Out Of The Park Like Virat Kohli

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Net Practice for NTSE: Knock It Out Of The Park Like Virat Kohli

Have you ever wondered why Virat Kohli is so consistent? Do you think he hits so many sixes and scores centuries just by showing up on the field? He is one of the best because he strives to be the best. Most of us don’t realize the hard work and dedication that he puts in to be what he is now.

What Makes Him Different?

There are good players and then there are players who are a class above. Virat Kohli is one of them. It’s not luck but the amount of time he invests in net practice and maintaining himself to be able to perform consistently at the highest level. If there is hard work and dedication to push the boundaries, then luck too will favour the brave.

How can you be a class apart from others?

If you are an aspirant of NTSE and want to ace the exam with flying colours, then you can take some cue from the Virat Kohli’s practice regime.

If you minutely observe, preparing for a game of cricket or preparing for a competitive exam like NTSE isn’t that different. Are you wondering how is that possible? Let us explain.

Net practice for NTSE

#1 Setting up a timetable

Do you think Virat Kohli practices just when he feels like it? No. There is a strict timetable and proper planning devoid of any distractions that he adheres to. Preparing for NTSE isn’t different either.

Cracking NTSE requires precision in planning and execution. An efficient timetable will not only allow you to understand the concepts in the syllabus but also will make you ready for the much-needed net practice.

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#2 Understanding the opposition

Virat Kohli moulds his game according to the opposition he is facing. If you are an aspirant of NTSE you will know that the exam is different from that of your boards, and you need to prepare for it accordingly.

How do you understand the pattern of NTSE? The answer to that question is, by referring to the NTSE Exam Model Papers. These model papers will be your cricket bowling machine and will help you to do net practice according to the pattern of the NTSE exam.

#3 An efficient net practice session

Everyone practices but how can you be different and be a class above others like Kohli? It’s not just about practicing but about tracking your performance before the final battle.

Virat Kohli doesn’t just practice without any direction but a strategy is always in place to improve his performance. He is a person with his own weaknesses and neither are you. The trick is to overcome your weaknesses. Solve myPAT’s NTSE Exam model papers and the analytics will show you your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve in whatever you are lagging behind.

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#4 Being persistent

Being persistent is the key to consistency and this the mantra followed by great achievers like Kohli. You will not always score very high in your net practice and you can’t get disheartened by it. Keep practicing NTSE exam model papers and you will have all the net practice to crack the exam.

#5 Stay Healthy

Virat Kohli’s diet regime is the best. Why is it so important? To remain at the top of his game he needs to be fit, and exams are no different. He must remain fit not only for the game day but also for the practice sessions so that he is well prepared. The same applies to when you are preparing for an exam. Stay healthy, eat healthy during your exam preparation days as being bedridden or getting sick will hamper your studies and, in the end, will adversely impact your NTSE exam scores.

To be like Kohli, think like him

It’s all about the mindset to be at the top of your game. If you want to be an achiever, think like one and believe in yourself that you can do it.

Best of luck!

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