Perks of Being an NTSE Topper

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Achieving an excellent academic performance gives you an unmatchable feeling. Imagine getting a scholarship in an examination attempted by about 300,000 students in the country! How would you feel? It will be something that you would remember a lifetime and will surely be telling your grandkids about it. This is precisely how an NTSE Topper feels.

A Brief About NTSE

National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) is a scientifically designed evaluation system for students studying in class 10. In a pool of about 3 Lakh students all over the country, 2000 candidates qualify to receive a scholarship for their further studies. Out of the total scholarship provided, 15 percent reservation is for SC, 7.5 percent for ST and 27 percent for other backward classes and 4 percent for students with special abilities. For a student who bags the accredited NTSE scholarship, a successful academic journey lies just around the corner. Not only will the scholarship be like a cherry on the top when it comes to sharing resumes for job hunting, but it also comes with some amazing perks. Let’s explore:

  • Confidence To Crack Competitive Exams

For any student to achieve a good rank in the most sought-after exam in the country, a.k.a JEE, NTSE plays a very significant role. NTSE is one of the first competitive examinations that a student attempts in the country. The exam infuses a feeling of confidence amongst students when they appear for higher exams like JEE. Since NTSE is all about understanding the concepts taught at school clearly, it will be highly beneficial in the long run.

  • Scholarships  upto PG Level

For future engineering aspirants, this may come as good news. Studying engineering can be a costly affair, hence to identify and promote academic talent NTSE scholarship is awarded. All in all, 2000 scholarships are given, amounting to INR 1250 per month. The scholarship amount is increased to Rs 2000 per month from undergraduate up to doctoral level. This keeps a student motivated to work harder and achieve his/her goals come what may.

  • Recognized by Universities Across the Country And Abroad

Did you know that if you are an IIIT-Delhi aspirant, a bonus of 6 marks is added to your JEE Main score while considering admission into the institute? Not just that, NTSE scholars are given preference even during NDA selections. If at all, a student wishes to go abroad to pursue further studies, being an NTSE scholar will undoubtedly prove to be a competitive advantage. Several foreign universities which offer undergraduate courses in science give preference to NTSE scholars during selections.

  • Discounts On Essential Academic Resources

Talent is one thing, but to gain knowledge and to keep continuing in the field of study requires resources and materials, which comes at a price. In this case, being an NTSE scholar proves to be beneficial as they receive special discounts on expensive course materials and books.

The benefits of being an NTSE scholar is not just academic but also brings with it a sense of pride. So, why not start preparing for the same? Take mock tests on myPAT and get your queries solved on the myPAT community to make the most of your NTSE exam. There is no better time to begin than now!

Best of Luck!

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