Study the right way for NTSE 2021

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Study the right way for NTSE 2021

Are you one of those students who has just graduated from class 9th in the new academic session? If yes, then you must be definitely eying NTSE for the next year, which is 2021. And why not, The National Talent Search Examination (popularly known as NTSE) is one of the most coveted scholarship programs in India.

NTSE also happens to be one of the first scholarship programs that a student can attempt. NTSE Exam is conducted by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) since 1961.

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is conducted in 2 stages – Stage 1 and Stage 2. Only when you qualify for Stage 1, you become eligible to appear for Stage 2 and get closer to bagging that scholarship.

If you’re starting from today, then you need a solid study plan to bag that scholarship. Let’s understand how you can do that effectively, simultaneously understanding why the NTSE holds great importance in your career.

Why Attempt the NTSE?

The NTSE is a nationwide examination open to students of Class 10. About 1000 scholarships are awarded every year.

Do you want a monthly scholarship of Rs 1250 for pursuing Science, Social Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Languages, Commerce, or Vocational Studies in Classes 11 and 12? Or a scholarship amount of Rs 2000 per month at the undergraduate level? If yes, NTSE is your answer. Wait! You will also receive the scholarship for your Ph.D. program as per the UGC standards.

Besides the scholarship amount, there are other awesome benefits of being an NTSE scholar.

Want to be the next NTSE scholar? Let us help you take the first step. But before that, let’s dive deep to know more about the NTSE exam.

How does myPAT help you crack NTSE?

To help you begin the NTSE preparations, we have made our exclusive NTSE 2021 Premium course. In the course, you will not only get 36 Full Tests but also 500+ concept tests.

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Study Plan for NTSE 2021

NTSE is a time-bound exam and you will have to prove your speed and accuracy to answer the questions. For this, you will need to solve mock tests and NTSE previous year papers.

Apart from solving mock tests and previous year papers, you need to follow a strict study plan for NTSE 2021 that can be helpful in making you exam-ready. Here’s a detailed study plan for all NTSE aspirants:

Time Activity What to studyTotal hours
6.30-7.30 AMWake up & finish your morning activities (Flex your brain and get ready to study). To improve your concentration level, meditate for 15 minutes daily and get ready for school.
8.00- 3:00 PMGo to class/coaching/schoolPay full attention to what is taught in the class. Make sure to write down everything in your notes as these will come handy during the later phase of preparation.6-7 hours
3:00-4:30 PMCome home, eat lunch and relax for a while1.5 hours
4:30- 5:30 PM ReviseUse this time to revise whatever has been taught to you in class. Read your notes again. Always remember to understand your topics thoroughly from the NCERT as it is your Bible.1 hour
5:30 – 6:30 PMGo out for some exerciseExercise is what helps you to build your concentration level, so make sure that you exercise for 1 hour daily1 hour
6:30 – 9:30 PMPractiseThis is the best time to attempt concept tests on myPAT. Whatever concept you have studied during day, make sure that you take tests for the same to know whether you have understood it or not3-hours
9:30 PM – 10:30 PMTake a Break. Have dinner. Just unwind yourself.1 hour
10:30 – 12:00 AMStudyChoose a subject of your choice and make sure that you study 3 new topics every day before going to sleep. Revise them the next day.2.5 hours
12:00 AM – 12:15 AMMake plans on what to study the next day and hit the bed.15 mins

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The syllabus for your board exam and NTSE are similar. When preparing for the NTSE, the online mock tests on myPAT will also help you get started with your board preparations.

Start today and solve as many mock tests as you possibly can!

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