Tips: What to do a day before NTSE 2018-19

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The exam season is here. The Indian education structure is such that besides the board examinations, exams like Olympiads and other competitive/entrance exams find due importance. These exams can earn you perks like scholarships, recognition and status.

The National Talent Search Examination is one such scholarship programme which was introduced by NCERT in 1961 in an attempt to identify and reward academic talent. NTSE also happens to be one of the first competitive exams that students in the country are exposed to.

NTSE is conducted in two stages for students who are in 10th standard. Every year 1000 scholarships are awarded to the students who qualify the NTSE Stage 2 examination.

Regarding the upcoming NTSE

Stage 1 of NTSE 2018-19 will be conducted on 4th of November 2018, which is just a few days away!

If you crack stage 1 of the examination, you will qualify for stage 2 (National Level) and give yourself a chance to earn the famed scholarship. You can now download the NTSE-Stage 1 admit card on your State Board’s website.

The day before the exam

Cracking NTSE is no easy feat. The competition is so fierce that only 0.02% of the total applicants make the final cut.

You have already studied hard for the exam. Now it’s the time for the D-DAY! Many will suggest you to stay healthy, revise again and what not. Here are some tips on what to do a day before the exam:

  • One of the information retention strategies is trying to recollect what has been done, especially before sleep. You have to try and recollect the stronger concepts and not the left out topics.
  • It is given that when the exam date nears it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But on the day before the exam, eat what makes you happy but nothing too spicy as that can make you lose your sleep.
  • If you are feeling stressed out then you can just browse through the internet, watch a comedy show. This will help you calm yourself and have a good night’s sleep. There no point in trying to learn anything new on the day before the exam.
  • Drink adequate water but not too much. You don’t want to make rounds of the washroom at night and especially not during the exam.
  • Do make sure that you wake up for the exam or else things will get anti-climatic very soon. Don’t forget to set the alarm with plenty of time for you to make it to the examination center.
  • Don’t phone a friend and discuss about the exam or preparations. This can harm your confidence.
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NTSE Exam Pattern

NTSE is an MCQ based test and has two sections, namely SAT and MAT. You will be given 3 hours to complete this pen and paper-based test. Here is an analysis of the 2 sections of the exam:

MAT: The questions in this section are designed to judge your ability to think, the power of reasoning, ability to judge, evaluate, visualize in space, etc. Questions are asked from series, analogies, pattern perception, classification, coding-decoding, problem-solving, hidden figures, block assembly, etc.

SAT: The questions in this section are further divided into the language test and test for science, math, and social sciences.

There is no negative mark in the examination and you will be awarded +1 marks for each right answer you attempt. So, even if you are stuck in a question and have no idea about the answer, don’t fret to take an educated guess.

Best of Luck!

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