Toppers share their BITSAT Preparation Mantra

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Toppers share their BITSAT Preparation Mantra

Everyone wants to learn from toppers. Sit with them, talk with them, eat with them and what not! They might be the unsung celebrities for the whole world but inside our homes and to our parents, there is no one worthier than those. “Sharma-ji ke bete ko dekho.. Kitna intelligent hai! Aur tum? Sara din apne nalaayak dosto ke sath bas awaragardi karte rehte ho!” Teachers also don’t let go off a single chance to taunt us, “Aur ghumo back benchers ke sath. Results dekhen hain apne?”

So the point is, only the toppers have respect and deserve to be followed. What about actually doing this for a change, to feel the change!

Everyone dreams to be on the top, and you should too! We lured some toppers with pizza as bait and tortured them incessantly till they shared their special mantra to crack BITSAT.

Top 5 Tips to Crack BITSAT by Previous Years’ Toppers

And here’s what the previous years’ BITSAT toppers have to say to the current aspirants:

1.Syllabus and preparation material

There is no dedicated coaching center for BITSAT preparation as it is often looked at as a part of JEE preparations. While the subject’s PCM is common to both these exams, the question pattern is not the same. Additionally, there are English and Logical reasoning sections in BITSAT. Hence, it is imperative to understand the requirements of BITSAT well.

  • BITSAT has a slightly lesser syllabus as compared to JEE. To verify what is there on the list, check the syllabus on the BITS brochure which is available online.
  • Contrary to JEE, BITSAT preparation requires deep study of NCERT textbooks for the basic clearance of concepts. Study it in and out, especially Chemistry and Physics. Go through all the formulas and reactions and learn them by heart.
  • Plan and devote some time for the preparation of English proficiency and logical reasoning sections. These can benefit a lot. Containing 75 marks in total, it is relatively easy to prepare and scoring as well. Comes straight as bonus brownie points!

2. Analyse your preparation strategies

Once you start taking sample papers, you will realize that BITSAT contains shorter yet trickier questions. Those difficult times when you are quite sure about the correct choice out of 4 options but the answer key suggests something else.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can come up with a better plan to work on the areas that need improvement.
  • Know the areas of your interest and the ones that need attention. Practicing the section which needs more attention can help you a lot in the last moment preparation.
  • Keep practicing over the questions from the topic that you find difficulties with to get a good score in the exam.

3. Time management is the key

Time management is the most critical aspect of BITSAT preparation. BITSians while talking about their BITSAT experience, have always stressed how important speed and accuracy are in this exam.

  • Accuracy is more important than speed. Concentrate on improving the speed only after your accuracy reaches to an optimum high. To ensure this is happening, understand carefully your mock test results and what exactly went wrong with the incorrect answers. This analysis will help you in improving tremendously.
  • You must also make speed a habit in the preparation phase itself. Gradually, you will notice that there is a considerable improvement in both your speed and accuracy in solving questions.

4. Practicing with mock tests and previous year papers

Cracking BITSAT is not rocket science! It is more about exam-readiness which can be perfected only by getting acquainted and used to the exam pattern and style.

  • Taking mocks tests and solving previous year’s papers will help you in BITSAT preparation and to analyze what you can expect in the actual exam.
  • Get yourself aligned with the online mode of examination by solving loads of online mock papers in a simulated test environment.
  • Keep last 4-5 days before the examination exclusively for revision. Start practicing mock tests 1 month before the examination. While taking mock tests, find out what exam solving pattern works for you and stick to it during the final examination.

5. Division of time between different sections

As there are 180 minutes to solve 150 questions, an efficient plan for the division of time between different sections is very important. Answer around 120 questions which can give you a total of 360. Also, plan carefully on how many questions will you supposedly attempt in different sections.

  • When you devote some quality time for the preparation of English and logical reasoning, it pays off well. You can easily bag 1/6thof the total score simply by going through some basic grammar rules and LR practice. Give this section its due credit.
  • Attempting the bonus questions is a complete gamble. Care to attempt those only if you are completely satisfied with your original set of questions and have at least 20 minutes left after that.
  • Chemistry is the most scoring subject and you can finish it within 30–35 mins and save some crucial time for other sections. But to score well in Chemistry, you need to remember a lot of organic and inorganic chemistry.

Follow these practices, for you might not get any chance better than this to earn that topper-like-respect in your homes and society again! Yet another unsung celebrity in making.

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