Crack BITSAT in just one month!

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Crack BITSAT in one month! That too for FREE…

Stuck at home and wondering what’s going to happen with your upcoming BITSAT 2020 exam? Well, the registrations for BITSAT 2020 have now been postponed until further notification from BITS Pilani.

The pressure of BITSAT 2020 preparation is immense and can give you sleepless nights, not to mention the difficulty level of these examinations. Moreover, the uncertainties due to this Coronavirus outbreak has not made things easier.

Since the date of the exam has been postponed, you will have to continue to prepare for the exam accordingly.

myPAT’s Resolution

We at myPAT understand that these are tough times and we would like to help you with your BITSAT 2020 preparation in this lockdown period. We believe that learning never stops and we have taken a resolution to help you crack the toughest of exams like BITSAT from the comforts of your home.

What is the Pre BITSAT 2020 course?

Want to experience BITSAT 10 times before the final exam from the 24th of May 2020? By analyzing past trends and data mining, our experts have come up with 10 tests that have the most probable questions of the upcoming BITSAT exam.

Note: We had predicted JEE Advanced 2018 with 97% accuracy

Why should you attempt the Pre BITSAT 2020 course?

  • Experience BITSAT 10 times before the real exam. These 10 tests are all you need to crack BITSAT 2020.
  • Ensure you are 100% thorough with the BITSAT syllabus.
  • Take the tests in an exam like environment.
  • Take the National level test and compete in real-time against thousands of BITSAT aspirants across India.
  • Get instant results and be exam ready!

We don’t want aspirants like you to miss out on the wonderful opportunity to boost your BITSAT scores.

How do you use this course? One month plan!

Now that you have the free BITSAT resource at your disposal, how do you use it judicially? Since the BITSAT 2020 exam date has changed, here is a one-month plan to use the Free course wisely and plan your studies accordingly:

How to Prepare for BITSAT – The Next 1 month (Lockdown schedule)

 TimeActivityWhat to StudyTotal Hours
6.30-7.30 AMWake up & finish your morning activities (Flex your brain and get ready to study)                –               –
8.00-10.00 AMStudy (with a fresh mind)Choose a difficult topic that you want to study or revise. Study shows that this is the best time to study topics that require focus.3-4 hours

(without a break)

10.00-11.00 AMTake a Break, have breakfast.Read an English newspaper or an article. In BITSAT, the English section is equally important to qualify. 1 hour
11.00 AM-1.30 PMStudyIn the 1st half-hour continue with the topic you have touched upon in the morning half of the day. The next hour choose a different topic or take a concept test of the chapter you have studied. 1-2 hours
2.00-3.00 PMHave Lunch and take a power nap to refresh yourself.                 –1- hour
3.00-6.00 PMPracticeThis is the best time to solve mock tests and solve previous year’s papers. With just over 1 month left for BITSAT exam, try to solve full tests of 3 hours. Well, now 10 BITSAT mock tests are FREE on myPAT!3-hours
6.00-7.00 PMTake a Break. Go for a  walk or listen to music. Just unwind yourself.                   –1- hour
7.00-9.00 PMStudyComplete/revise 2 to 3 topics thoroughly.2- hours
9.00-10.30 PMDinner Break. Watch a series or T.V just to unwind yourself                 –1.5 hours
10.30-11.30 PMStudyRevise the topic/topics that you have studied today. Make notes of the topics you have covered.1 hour
11.30 PM -12.00 AMMake plans on what to study the next day and hit the bed.                –0.5 hours

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Analyzing the Pre BITSAT 2020 mock test results:

To improve your performance it’s not just about the practice but also analyzing your performance and rectifying the mistakes. BITSAT is not just about speed but accuracy as well. There is no better time you overcome your shortcomings than in the last one month to your exam.

myPAT gives you an in-depth visual analysis of your performance in each subject, which is further classified into topics followed by chapters, concepts, and lastly how many questions were correctly attempted or were not attempted/incorrectly attempted.


Do you still need more reasons to attempt the Pre BITSAT 2020 test series? Well, what are you waiting for? There won’t be a better chance to crack BITSAT than this, that too for FREE.

Stay home, stay safe, and practice online! Best of luck.

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