NTSE Stage 1 2020: Your First Step to Be a Scholar is on Us!

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NTSE Stage I 2020: Your First Step to Be a Scholar is on Us!

The National Talent Search Examination (popularly known as NTSE) is one of the most coveted scholarship programs in India. NTSE also happens to be one of the first scholarship programs that a student can attempt. NTSE exam is conducted by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) since 1961.

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The NTSE exam is conducted in 2 stages:

NTSE Stage 1

  • Usually held on the first Sunday of November every year
  • Conducted on the state/union territory level as an offline exam
  • Subjects tested under SAT – Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and English
  • Every state/union territory declares its results separately

NTSE Stage 2

  • Usually held in the second week of May
  • Conducted on the national level as an offline exam
  • Subjects tested under SAT – Mathematics, Science and Social Science

Why attempt the NTSE?

The NTSE is a nation-wide examination open to students of Class 10, held under the NTS scheme to award scholarships to meritorious and deserving students. About 1000 scholarships are awarded every year.

Want a monthly scholarship of Rs 1250 for pursuing Science, Social Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Languages, Commerce, or Vocational Studies in Classes 11 and 12? Or a scholarship amount of Rs 2000 per month at the undergraduate level? If yes, NTSE is your answer. Wait! You will also receive the scholarship for your Ph.D. program as per the UGC standards.

Besides the scholarship amount, there are other awesome benefits of being an NTSE Scholar.

Want to be the next NTSE scholar? Let us help you take the first step. But before that, let’s dive deep to know more about the NTSE exam.

How do you start preparing for NTSE?

Preparing for NTSE is different from how you prepare for your class 10 boards. While preparing for NTSE, you will need a strong understanding of the concepts from class 9 and class 10.

NTSE is a time-bound exam and you will have to prove your speed and accuracy to answer the questions. For this, you will need to solve mock tests and previous year papers.

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How do myPAT help you crack NTSE?

To help you begin the NTSE preparations we have made our NTSE 2020 Premium course. In the course, you will not only get 36 Full Tests but also 450+ concept tests.
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, get online and redeem your course now: NTSE 2020 Premium Course.

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NTSE Stage 1 2020 preparation schedule till November

You have 7 months till your NTSE Stage I 2020 begins. So, how do you utilize this period? Here are some exclusive myPAT’s Pro tips:

  • Learn the concepts from class 9 and class 10. Use this lockdown time to the fullest and cover the topics.
  • Make a daily schedule as you will have to solve mock tests and cover the topics from class 9, class 10 and your board’s syllabus as well.
  • Keep making notes of the important topics while you are studying. These notes will come in handy when you will start revising for the exam.
  • By solving NTSE mock tests you will be able to know your level of understanding of the concepts. Especially with mathematics and science, solving sample papers will help you test the knowledge of basics.
  • For the questions of the MAT section, you need to practice from NTSE previous year papers. This will help you build the ability to think logically and increase problem-solving speed and manage time. Remember, NTSE is a time-bound exam.
  • Analyze the test results and try to improve upon the concepts you are weak that.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget to keep revising the concepts. Since you are preparing for Boards as well as NTSE, you will need to double your efforts. By the end of September, you can start increasing your revision sessions.


The syllabus for your board exam and NTSE are similar. When preparing for the NTSE stage 1 2020, the myPAT mock tests will also help you get started your board preparations.

Start today, with mypat.in, and solve as many mock tests as you possibly can!

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