Crack the KVPY Interview 2020 in Style

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Ace the KVPY Interview

KVPY is one such fellowship that Engineering aspirants swear to possess! IISc, Bangalore has not announced the exam date for KVPY. We all know the reason behind that, the ill outbreak of COVID-19.

The preparation of students has taken a back seat, and with schools and coaching centres shut, KVPY aspirants haven’t been able to study the way they would have ideally wanted to!
But let’s try and understand the exam’s scheme a little better. You have three streams for the exam called SA, SX, and SB. At first, a written examination (aptitude test) is conducted, followed by a personal interview. Only those who clear the interview round are awarded the fellowship.

What generally happens is that many aspirants get across the aptitude test by preparing for it for months or years, but eventually fall short in the personal interview round. We can figure out from this fact that the personal interview round is something that KVPY aspirants must always keep in their mind, while simultaneously preparing for the aptitude test.

Every year, thousands of students qualify for the aptitude test but fail to go past the personal interview round. To solve this problem, we have defined a strategy to help you ace the KVPY personal interview round, so that the coveted KVPY fellowship can be yours.

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How to Crack KVPY Interview?

First things first, the questions in the KVPY interview are asked from the subjects of Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. The most basic principle to ace the interview round is to show the presence of mind and stay confident throughout the process.

Following are some must-do things for aspirants before they appear for the KVPY Interview process:

  • Inculcate a habit of reading newspapers and magazines. You should be well-versed with the current affairs of the country.
  • Staying confident is also crucial as interviewers might ask some personal questions, and you have to be sound quite confident while answering those questions.
  • You might be asked some tricky and confusing questions that will test your temperament and how well you react to such questions. Be mindful of that!
  • The interviewers test your IQ level. The questions can vary from very casual ones to complicated ones. Be prepared for such questions.
  • The questions can also be asked to test the calculating abilities of the students.

These were some crucial points that all aspirants must keep in mind while preparing for the interview. The interviewers take their time while analyzing students before passing a final judgment. They notice your body language, the way you talk, the way you speak, and the way you use your gestures. All these small factors matter a lot while giving the interview.

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Documents Required on the Interview Day

Candidates must without fail, bring the following documents with them at the time of the KVPY Interview 2020, along with the call letter:

  • Application form and Interview call letter
  • Attested copy of Marks card (10th Marks card for SA/SX and 12th Marks card for SB)
  • Caste certificate for SC/ST candidates
  • Medical certificate from a competent authority in case of physically and visually challenged students
  • A self-appraisal form
  • Study certificate form (this can be obtained from your Principal/Head of the Institution)
  • Teacher recommendation form (in a sealed envelope) & a letter to the teacher.

Your confidence matters a lot when you appear for the interview. To build the much-needed confidence, you can take help from your close ones as well, like family and friends.

Ask any of your friends or your mom/dad to take your mock interview and ask tricky questions. This way, you’ll be able to build confidence, and your body language will also get better with time.
If your preparation is suffering due to the lockdown, worry not! Here’s the solution: start today with a free myPAT 14-day trial period for KVPY 2020 course.

That’s it! This is what it takes to ace the interview round of KVPY. You’ve got it, all the best, champ!

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