15 Mistakes IIT JEE Aspirants Commit

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1.      Getting many books:

Less is more. Refer lesser books to study for JEE exam and practice within study groups. Sharing books can be an option to be economical.

2.     One Subject Strategy:

Balance your practice among all subjects to score in each one of it. A good exam strategy includes covering all subjects with average preparation, rather than over-emphasizing on only one.

3.      Omitting Difficult Questions

Omitting questions that seem difficult is a sign of weak preparation. Questions containing different logic and concepts need to be practiced to make the command in the exam syllabus.

4.      Ignoring Tests and Practice:

Testing in the simulated environment builds a temperament that helps in gaining insights for exam preparation. Practicing the real exam gives birth to the strategy required for training the nerves.

5.      Avoiding Class XI Syllabus:

Basic make or break the exam preparation. Having strengthened fundamentals is a must for every aspirant. No shortcut exists in this case.

6.      Over involvement in Entertainment:

While preparing for a crucial exam like IITJEE, the scope of leisure time gets limited. Constant focus and a stern mindset are required at the least.

7.      Over and Less worrying:

Worrying has solved no problem till date. The focus must, instead, be on practicing questions and concepts and building exam temperament.

8.      Waiting for last moment:

When the exam date approaches, so does anxiety and tension. Make sure, you are ready with all the preparation in advance to avoid any last moment jitters.

9.      Self-Doubt:

Self-doubt is a useful tool in keep a check on one’s preparations. However, over self-doubt hinders in the very same thing.

10.   Breaks during exam:

It is not advisable to take little breaks during exam as it hampers the continuity and the rhythm built so far.

11.    Bird watching in exam:

Bird watching, flirt with the examiners are not good tactics to be used. Instead, ample time and concentration need to be on the exam and nothing else.

12.   Prevent Long Questions:

Long question not necessarily means difficult to solve. No matter how long they are to read, however, they may take only few seconds to solve.

13.   Over Focus on Easier Subject:

Aspirants tend to be bend towards either with easier or their favorite subjects. They practice should be prevented, and a balance must be maintained.

14.   Filling ORS sheet at last:

Keeping the last half hour of the exam for filling the ORS Sheet can cause the loss of crucial marks. Reason can be silly mistakes like mixing up questions and answers or not able to fill the answers for questions that already have been solved.

15.   Review peers’ question paper:

Instead of indulging in discussion or review of peer exam, it is advisable to fully analyze own performance, strategy and behaviour during the exam. This may help to correct the mistakes and know your strengths.

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