6 Tips to Increase Productivity While Studying From Home

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6 Tips to Increase Productivity While Studying From Home

The whole world suddenly came online because of the ongoing pandemic. Professionals are doing work from home and students’ classes have become online. Many people are doing this for the first time and they are trying to figure out how to stay productive or increase productivity at home. 

Exam season is here, and many competitive exams are being held in the coming months. With the schools & coaching’s being shut and strict lockdowns in place. Students have to stay home and study online for their classes and exams but studying from home has its challenges too. There are many things which can distract you with studies from your pets, tv, fridge to video games and your bed, etc. So there are a number of reasons you might think of yourself as less productive and motivated. So the bigger question is how you can keep studying efficiently? How to be more productive and keep your motivation level high while studying from the comfort of home?

Tips to Stay Productive While Studying from Home

Studying from home requires much stronger willpower than usual. There are many ways to efficiently study and become successful in your exams. From setting up your goal, creating your schedule to effectively executing your plan and becoming fit mentally and physically, In this blog provide some helpful tips that can make you more productive even with a few breaks (not excessive breaks) – 

Set up a designated study area

To focus on your studies in a better way, you should have a dedicated study place and it shouldn’t be your bed. Find a place with a studious ambiance, set up your table, and start studying. 

Having the right atmosphere is important for studying for exams. You might like to have a library kind of silence for the preparation. You should also experiment with different locations at home to check which is working best for you. Also find a place with fewer distractions, away from the tv and the dining room because if you aren’t used to it that would affect your productivity.

designated study area

Build Your Schedule & a To-Do List

Having a routine or schedule for each day can make your studying much easier. It will help you organize your day while at home and help students to build the structure back. 

A study schedule helps you with going through the day but having a list of what to do when studying improves your productivity much more. Create a to-do list of the subjects or topics you have to study at a particular time. It will help you with using your time wisely and in the right manner. There are a few techniques that will help you to increase productivity at home – 

  • Eat That Frog Perspective

    It can be understood as facing your worst fear first. Tackle that subject or topic first with what you find hardest and everything which comes after will already feel easier. 

eat the frog technique

  • Pomodoro Technique

    Study for 45 minutes and then take a small break of 5-10 minutes. Don’t use this break time by watching your phone or tv. Use this break for relaxing your muscles, for a small walk in your room, or for meditation.

pomodoro technique

  • Getting Things Done (GTD)

    This method includes a five-step workflow; capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage. In this method, you prioritize tasks by listing them and work on those tasks which are actionable.

Communicate With Your Friends and Teachers

Exams require meticulous preparation and many students think that they should get less connected with people during this period. but it is important to be connected with your friends and teachers these times to support you when you need it.

When you have any doubts or are stuck with any question you should clear it with your teachers or take the help of friends. It won’t make you any less genius, it will improve your knowledge and connection with them. Join different forums, stay connected to your WhatsApp friends’ group to stay on track with everything. 

When you take a break from studying, be sure not to use this time on mulling over study problems or stressing about not solving that maths question. 

Stick to a Plan

any study schedule only works when you stick to it and strictly follow it. Being dedicated to your plan will always make you more productive. 

Also, don’t try to change your routine or schedule in a few days if you want to achieve a good result in your exams. 

Students can get derailed sometimes from their plan, no matter how strictly they follow it. The reason could be bad health or anything but try to make up for this time you lost. It might not be fun, but it will show your dedication and effort towards the preparation and relieve you from the stress of making a different plan again. 

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Take Time for Exercise

Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but students tend to let it go because of their preparation. Doing exercise will improve your mood by releasing endorphins, boosting your memory, and reducing stress levels

There are many exercises you can do at home and you can also go to the nearby park for a small walk. At home, you can do some abs exercise, push-ups, or some yoga poses. It is advisable to do your exercise at a certain time in the morning or in the evening. You can also stretch your muscles or have a small walk in between your study break.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself some rewards after a good day of study or when you have attempted that JEE Main mock test successfully which has given you some nightmares earlier. Do what you enjoy doing as a reward or have that favorite snack or drink that smoothie you wanted. It will not only improve your performance, but you will try to do much better next time for a better reward. 

Studying from home feels easier because it’s suitable but procrastination and distraction can make your preparation harder and stop you from being more productive. Following these above tips can help you to increase productivity at home and improve performance along the way.

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