3 Tips to Combat JEE Stress

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The terms exam and stress always go hand in hand, especially when the exam is of the stature of Joint Entrance Examination. Now, just a few months to go for the JEE Main 2019 and the stress meter of aspirants are running haywire.

The Cause Of Stress

As the exam date nears a lot query by aspirants can be found online on how to deal with exam stress. The competition of these examinations Is such that there is no time for recreational activities for students and the burden of expectations don’t make things any easier for students.

Such is the prevailing education system and societal structures that fear of failure and constant comparisons are major contributors to the stress factor of the aspirants.

How to Deal With It?

Stress is an unavoidable factor and cannot be easily detached from examinations, especially when the exam is JEE. If one lets stress take the best of them than the situation can turn grim.

Not all deal with stress in a similar manner but techniques to combat stress can be universal. Here are some ways one can reduce exam stress:

  • Religiously Following The Schedule

A JEE aspirant invariably follows or tries to follow a schedule as he/she must juggle a hell lot of concepts and numerical problems. If the schedule is a good one, then following it to the dot can reduce a lot of stress as aspirants can now cover syllabus easily and will have time left for mock tests.

Preparing a schedule is important with enough time for mental relaxation in between study.

  • Focus On Today

In 3 Idiots, Rancho once said that ‘Future se itna darega, toh kya khak jiyega?’ (If you are scared of the future, how will you live life in the present). If an aspirant focuses more on the end goal than concentrating on the preparations than that can lead to a disastrous result.

The trick here is to not overthink of what the results might be. Prepare with calmness and dedication and one will for sure achieve the target.

  • A Healthy Lifestyle

Not just exams but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy life. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, an aspirant can get unwell and lose precious preparation time. Getting proper sleep and intake of healthy food will prolong an aspirant’s study time and hence contributing to the journey.

Less exerting exercises and jogging too can help an aspirant to keep the body healthy and give an aspirant a much-needed break.

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Most of us tend to take stress for something that is yet to happen and most of them are unnecessary. The trick in here is to look at stress from a different perspective. Stress can be converted to a driving force, as it shows the drive an aspirant has and that can be used to overcome obstacles.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” Tackle the problems of today and the future will yield the desired result!

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