Know How You Can Double Your JEE Scores

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Not many know this, but there is a way for you to double your JEE scores. Keep reading, because we are about to spill the beans on this well–guarded secret!

Registrations for the upcoming JEE Main April 2019 shall begin on 8th February 2019. If you missed the JEE Main January 2019 and aren’t completely satisfied with your results, JEE Main April 2019 is your second chance.

After the JEE Main’s January session, we received a lot of queries from students on what to expect in the April session and how can they improve their scores.

Improving Your Present JEE Score

Are you not scoring well in your JEE Main mock tests? Did your JEE Main (January) attempt not go as expected? Well, here are some tips to double/improve your present JEE score:

Analyse the JEE Main (January) Paper

National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted JEE Main completely as a computer-based test for the first time. It is important to analyze this year’s paper to know the pattern of the exam and strategize your preparations accordingly. This will give you an idea of the important topics and concepts, that the NTA has emphasized on.

While you are at it, don’t forget to solve JEE Main previous year papers. Our suggestion – use myPAT’s Previous Year Papers 2.0 to give your JEE Main preparation an edge.

Here is an analysis of the exam held in January 2019: JEE Main 2019 Exam Analysis

Don’t commit the same mistakes

“Once is a mistake, twice is a pattern and thrice is a habit”

If you attempted the JEE Main exam in January and are not happy with your score, it is of prime importance that you identify your mistakes. Analyze your performance and results. This will help you find your weakness and prepare better. The final JEE Main answer key has been released by NTA, compare your responses to this.

The only way for you to overcome your shortcomings is by practicing as many mock tests as you can and analyzing every attempt. Check for detailed analytics, which mPAT provides. This will help you to improve concepts that you are weak in and avoid silly mistakes. Silly mistakes are one of the biggest reasons for not doing well in the JEE Main exam. Especially for you, here are the Top 5 Tips To Avoid Silly Mistakes In JEE Main Mock Tests

Balancing Boards and JEE preparations

The JEE Main exam in April will be very close to the Board exams. If your JEE Main in January didn’t go according to plan, you must find the right balance between preparing for your boards as well as your JEE Main exam.

If you are preparing for JEE, you would have covered the syllabus for your boards by now. You will have some time after your boards till the JEE Main exam in April. Utilize this gap to take umpteen mock tests and revise formulae.

Rupesh (AIR 31, 2016), spoke to us about how he balanced his preparation for board exams and JEE Main & JEE Advanced. Watch the video interview series for a complete guide to JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2019 preparation: Click here

Plan Your Revision

Cracking one of the most difficult competitive exams is not an easy task, the syllabus is vast, the topics are lengthy and the number of formulae is endless. To memorize and recall every topic and formula can be tough. That is why we stress the need to revise.

The best preparation strategy is one that includes a good, well-planned, and properly structured study timetable. Revising should not be separated from the timetable. Schedule your revision sessions in between your mock test attempts to yield maximum results.

5 Tricks To Revise For An Exam Like JEE

When in Doubt Ask 

We never said that preparing for one of the toughest competitive exams is a piece of cake. There will be times when you will be stuck in a question or in a concept. When such situations arise, do not hesitate to ask your teachers or online communities.

Are you having doubts and are not sure whom to ask? Well, look no further as myPAT community is here at your service 24/7.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

You can plan as much as you want, but if your body gives in, your plans will never materialize. It is just a matter of a few months, so eat healthy and maintain a regular sleep cycle.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while preparing for a strenuous exam like JEE.


Before you know it, the registrations for the JEE Main (April) exam will commence. You will be in trouble if you think you have time, so, you make every second count, as there are boards to worry about too. Some people dream of success, while winners get up every morning and make it happen.

Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Best of luck!

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