How should I Prepare For The NTSE?

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National Talent Search Examination is held by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) to identify deserving talent and nurture their growth. NTSE Scholars win lucrative scholarships apart from financial assistance and get excellent opportunities to move ahead in their life.

While preparing for NTSE, what should be the approach of a candidate?

The fundamental step to become an NTSE scholar is to upgrade yourself with conceptual knowledge, develop your analytical skills and apply the same while attempting questions in the NTSE.

Analytical thinking is a very important part of visual thinking that helps a person identify and solve problems effectively and efficiently. This is a systematic step-by-step approach that allows anyone to break down complex problems into components that are simple and manageable.

This kind of thinking that might require one to compare different sets of data from various sources, identify cause and effect relationships and other patterns to draw inferences. These inferences help determine actions that must be taken to arrive at the right solution.

For topics in Science and Mathematics particularly, there has always been a need to study advanced topics. These topics usually require in-depth study as questions in SAT are based on application of such topics.

Some preparation tips an NTSE aspirant should follow are:

Stick to NCERT

Since the scholarship examination is conducted by the NCERT, it makes sense to study from an NCERT book. The candidate should be selective while studying such books as not all books would be important from the point of view of NTSE. The candidate can instead pick up specific study material on NTSE that would help them prepare well for the examination.

Practice and Revise

A lot of students tend to fall into the trap of being overconfident or completely casual about NTSE preparation. Try to recall every topic on a regular basis to ensure you retain good amount of information.

Take Free Mock Test Now

This will help you build familiarity with the pattern of the exam, the type of questions that are asked, and also help you build on both speed and accuracy.


Students usually have lots of syllabus to cover as school students. Between Grade 10 exams and preparing for the NTSE, not much time is available on researching a topic that you have never studied before. If you are spending a time frame of half an hour or more on a problem and still not able to figure out anything, don’t spend more time on it. Ask someone qualified enough to help you and get through with it.

No Rote Learning

Instead of going the rote learning way, it would be better if you understand the concepts thoroughly. As indicated above, a student should develop analytical skills in the right measure to stay distinguished from the regular pool of candidates who take the NTSE.

Group Study

Studying in groups is always a fun activity. Try the same for NTSE as well. If you cannot study physically in a group, you can aim to make the activity virtual. While you explain a concept to the others, you retain the same better.

Put in all your dedication and hard work to crack the NTSE and do your best!

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