NTSE Myths That Are Not True

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NTSE Myths That Are Not True

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is one of the most eminent scholarship programme and one of the first competitive exams that students appear in India.

The NTSE is organized by the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) to acknowledge and felicitate students with academic prowess. Such is the competition in the exam that only a thousand students are accredited with the scholarship every year among 50 lakh students.

A brief about the pattern of the exam

The NTSE is conducted in 2 stages: Stage 1 and stage 2. Stage 1 is conducted at the state level and stage 2 is conducted at the National level. Candidates qualifying the NTSE stage 1 are qualified for the stage 2 of the exam. To be eligible for the grant an aspirant has to clear the stage 2 exam and be a part of the elite 1000 among lakhs.

The pattern of the exam

The 3-hour long MCQ type question paper is conducted in the pen and paper mode. The paper is divided into 2 parts: MAT (Mental Ability Test) and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude test).

The MAT section tests the candidate’s reasoning capabilities whereas SAT tests the in-depth understanding of math, science and social sciences subjects.

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Myths and Realities

It is not shocking that one of the most prestigious exams in the country is a target of misconceptions and speculations. Here are some myths around NTSE and the truth behind it:

  • Myth: NTSE requires at least a year’s preparation
  • Reality: Most candidates have a preconceived notion that NTSE is a tough nut to crack. Well, it isn’t that difficult to ace the exam. With proper planning and extra effort, nothing is impossible. If an aspirant diligently studies in school and focuses on the concepts behind the topics, then cracking NTSE is not that hard. Practice is must to ace the exam.
  • Myth: Average students don’t stand a chance to crack NTSE
  • Reality: This is one of the biggest misconceptions that students have regarding the exam. It is not about how brilliant a student is in class but how well one prepares and practices for the exam. The success mantra for NTSE is to understand the syllabus, concepts and putting the concepts to the test by taking mock tests.
  • Myth: The stage 2 of NTSE is way more difficult than stage 1 and nothing else changes.
  • Reality: Yes, the stage 2 of the exam will be a tad on the difficult side but that is not the only change. The national level NTSE tests the concepts of the aspirants and the questions are of advanced level. Besides NCERT books, it becomes crucial to follow other reference books and preparation material.

Thinking beyond the speculations

Speculations around such exams are nothing new and it is important to not give into it. Knowing the exam syllabus and the pattern will give the candidates more clarity and this is where the previous year’s papers and mock tests come into picture. Knowing the concepts, revising topics and putting it to practice by efficiently managing time, is what NTSE is all about.

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