NTSE Stage II Preparation Tips In The Nick Of Time

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National Talent Search Examination, popularly known as NTSE, is a national-level scholarship program in India. Conducted by NCERT, it provides a perfect platform for Class 10th students. They not only get financial assistance but also get the chance to excel in their future endeavors.

The exam is conducted in two stages – Stage I & Stage II. Stage I exam has been already conducted and students are geared up to take the Stage II exam, which is going to be conducted on June 16, 2019. Understandably, students must be feeling nervous as this exam is their only license to grab the scholarship. Since just three days remain before the exam, it’s very important to be mentally exam-ready.

Here are a few last-minute handy preparation tips for the students, which can help them to go about cracking the NTSE exam:

  • Befriend NCERT Books: Revising the syllabus of Classes 9th and 10th from NCERT books can prove to be a handful for last-minute preparations. Be selective; choose your topics wisely and focus on your strong topics. It’s quite crucial to study Social Studies NCERT book for cracking NTSE as many Social Science questions come under SAT.
Best Books For NTSE
  • Avoid Overconfidence: Overconfidence is a student’s enemy. It’s important to solve sample papers, recall topics one by one, and revise thoroughly. It helps in familiarizing with the paper pattern, being more accurate and speedier. It also aids in learning time management while revealing weaknesses as well.
  • Eat Healthy Food, Stay Fit: It’s a strange tip but an equally important one. Healthy food keeps you mentally and physically fit. Preparing for an exam requires a good mental and physical state. Studying without any breaks is useless. A few recreational breaks should be taken for mild exercise, jogging, or cycling. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is a must too. Such things help in keeping you relaxed and fresh.
  • Expert Advice: With limited left for the exam, there’s a lot to cover for students. There’s not much time left to research on a topic which is difficult to understand. So, asking for help from experts for such topics is a great idea. An expert can help in covering that topic for you within a short period.
  • Go Through Previous Papers: Briefly going through previous year’s NTSE exams can prove to be helpful in the preparations. The previous exams are easily available; it’s advisable to revise all the concepts by solving these exams in a short time.
  • Divert Yourself, Play Games: Studying non-stop is never a good habit. It’s critical to divert yourself from the high pressure of studying and give your mind some rest. The best method to do it is by playing games, either on your phone or any gaming console. It not only assists in relaxing your mind but also in sharpening your mind.
  • Practice Harder: There’s no cheat code for cracking any exam! The golden rule to crack any exam is just proper practice as only practice makes you perfect. The more you practice, the better it gets! Solving mental ability questions is important and practicing aids in improving your subject knowledge, accuracy, and speed.

Try to keep your anxiety at bay before taking NTSE. Unnecessary anxiousness before the exam leads to poor performance in the exam. It’s better to remain calm, keep your mind fresh and relaxed. It’s not important to know everything, simply follow these tips from myPAT, and you can crack NTSE with flying colors.

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